Top 100 Logistics IT Questionnaire 

Each year, Inbound Logistics surveys the market to determine which technology solutions best fit our readers’ needs. The Top 100 companies are announced in the April editions. Submission deadline: April 2, 2021.

IMPORTANT - Is your company's solution/software:
 Sold as a standalone? Please proceed with the questionnaire.
 Sold ONLY as part of another solution (logistics, transport) - Please stop. This ranking is for
 standalone  solutions only.

Company Name
Solution Name(s)
Company Street Address
City, State, Zip
Sales Phone
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Sales Email
Company URL
Company LinkedIn Address
Company Twitter Handle
PLATFORM: How do you deliver your solutions?
 Both Cloud/SaaS/Hosted and Local
COST BASIS: How do your customers pay for solutions? (check all that apply)
 Free (pricing is based on other variables)
 Transactional (subscription)
INDUSTRY SERVED: What industries do your solutions serve? (check all that apply)
 Manufacturing (all kinds)
 Transportation (includes 3PLs, warehousing, carriers, NVOs, forwarders, express companies, etc.).
 Apparel & Textiles
 Construction & Infrastructure
 Consumer Packaged Goods
 Food & Beverage
 Healthcare, Bio-Medical, Pharma
 Oil & Gas
SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS OFFERED: (check all that apply)
 Demand Management
 Modeling/Forecasting/Predictive Analytics
 Product Lifecycle Management
 Sales & Operations Planning
 Security (risk management, compliance, etc.)
 Supplier/Vendor Management
 Supply Chain Control Tower
LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS OFFERED: (check all that apply)
 Auditing/Claims/Freight Payment
 Inventory Management
 Labor Management
 Load Planning
 Rate & Bid Solutions
 Reverse Logistics
 Routing & Scheduling
ADDITIONAL SOLUTIONS OFFERED: (check all that apply)
 3D Printing
 IoT/IIoT Solutions
 Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
 Big Data Management
 Capacity Solutions
 Asset Management
 Container/Chassis Management
 Order Management
 Process Improvement
 Strategic Sourcing


OPTIONAL - Please provide the names of up to 3 customers:
SALES - During your last measurement period were SALES generally up or down? Your best guess as to how much?
 -10% or more
PROFITS - During your last measurement period were profits up or down? Your best guess as to how much?
 -10% or more
CUSTOMERS - During your last measurement period did your customer base grow or shrink? Your best guess as to how much?
 -10% or more
GROWTH - in the past year was due to:
 Organic Sales
 Organic Sales and M&A
MARKET - If through M&A, what new business did you acquire?
DEMAND - Where do you see growing demand for new logistics technology? Please give examples by function, vertical, or geography. (Please do not copy/paste).
CHALLENGES - Which transportation and logistics challenges are most critical to your customers? Please check all that may apply.
 Cost Reduction
 Customer Service/CX
 Sustainability/Social Responsibility
 Data Management
 Demand Forecasting
 Growth Management
 Global Expansion
 Inventory Management
 E-Commerce/Omni-channel Enablement
 Risk Management
 Supply Chain Asset Redeployment
 Transport Optimization
 Vendor Management

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Before submitting your questionnaire PLEASE PRINT A COPY FOR YOUR REFERENCE. Thank you for your participation.