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The WMS Bid List Service is your opportunity to have Inbound Logistics ranked companies provide their contact info and details to allow you to prepare a WMS bid list.

Choosing the perfect WMS software or system can be difficult considering all the choices and price ranges. Using this WMS bid form will simplify the task of creating a database of likely partners, building your knowledge base, and preparing your WMS Request for Bid or Proposal list.

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 3PL Central
 Archon Interactive
 Argos Software
 ASC Software
 BluJay Solutions
 Cadre Technologies
 Camelot 3PL Software
 Core eBusiness
 CP Tech
 Dassault Systemes
 Dematic Reddwerks
 DXC Technology
 Ehrhardt + Partner
 Epicor Software
 GlobalTech SCM Solutions
 HAL Systems
 Intelligrated (Honeywell)
 Interlink Technologies
 International Data Systems
 Invata Intralogistics
 Iptor Supply Chain Systems
 JDA Software
 Magaya Corporation
 Manhattan Associates
 N'ware Technologies
 Next View Software
 PathGuide Technologies
 proVision WMS
 Suntek Systems
 Supply Vision
 Synergy NA
 TAKE Supply Chain
 Westfalia Technologies


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