Locus Robotics

Case Study: Doubling Productivity

Apparel Retailer Deploys Robots and Sees a 200% Productivity Increase

Are your warehouse associates tired at the end of the day from all the walking they have to do? There’s a better way!

Carhartt worked with DHL Supply Chain to find a way to scale and close their capacity gap to improve distribution and speed. DHL recommended the Locus solution to reduce cycles and lessen the amount of walking for associates.

With the Locus deployment, “we saw an immediate impact to productivity and throughput on day one as well as a big boost in employee morale,” said Tim Dolchich, Director of Engineering, DHL.

The Carhartt team had tried AGVs previously, but found the size, cost model, maintenance, and upkeep with Locus Robotics’ autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to be much better. Tony Gariety, VP of Distribution Operations at Carhartt, added “We’ve seen UPH productivity double, which is huge to anybody operating warehouses on a costs and efficiency play.”

Download the case study for an in-depth look: