Online Advertising Specs

Super Leaderboard 970 x 90 GIF/JPG/SWF
Leaderboard 728 x 90 GIF/JPG/SWF
Top/Bottom Banner 600 x 60 GIF/JPG/SWF
Top Box/Box 2/Box 3 300 x 250 GIF/JPG/SWF
Anchored Bottom Super Leaderboard* 970 x 90 GIF/JPG/SWF
*Ad MUST include a close button.
Ask your sales representative about Rich Media options
and customized programs.
  • Acceptable web banner formats: JPEG/GIF/Animated GIF/Flash/HTML5.
  • Static banner maximum size = 60K; Animated GIF, Flash or HTML5 banner maximum size 160K.
  • All ads must have a working click-through URL and up to 60 characters of ALT text.
  • Rich media, Flash and HTML5-based ads with audio must default to “mute” mode and include on/off functionality to control audio.
  • Flash-based ads must have a click-through URL embedded in the SWF file. All Flash ads should also have a “no Flash” alternative GIF or JPEG version specified in the code so that ads can be served to iOS devices.
  • Web banners are Site Served via Inbound Logistics’ ad server unless 3rd party tags provided.
  • Web banner creative with full or partial white background must include a 1px black or color border.
  • No looping limit, animation or frames per second restrictions imposed.
  • ActionScript Version 3.0 (AS3); Flash Player Version 10.
  • Materials are due 2 weeks prior to posting/release date and can be uploaded to:
  • Run of Site on excludes publisher-designated pages such as The Logistics Planner, Web_Cite City, RFPs, HOW, and Top 10 Voting.
Homepage ad placement examples