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Shipment Speed and Size: Why It Matters

The 2023 holiday season outlook is a bit more “merry and bright,” according to a recent DHL survey of 800 U.S. small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), as respondents anticipate an increase in ecommerce buying activity over last year. Overall, the survey findings suggest that while challenges—such as inflation and supply chain disruptions—persist, a majority of […]

The Impact of Double Brokering: How It Happens and How to Mitigate It

Double brokering has always been an issue in the freight industry but it has taken an alarming upward turn in the past year. It’s vital to assess exactly what’s causing the surge in double brokering, and what the implications are for shippers.

Case Studies

Supply Chain Automation and Robotics Converge in the Warehouse

GreyOrange CEO Akash Gupta on how he knew supply chain automation and warehouse robotics were key to the evolution of logistics and why he encourages his leadership team to spend as much time as possible with current and prospective customers.

Formula for Success: How Infant Formula Company Bobbie Met Growing Demand

Even before the baby formula crisis of 2022, Bobbie, the first infant formula certified organic according to both USDA and European Union standards, had bested its forecasts multiple times. To accommodate and manage its continued growth, the company partnered with Saddle Creek, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider based in Lakeland, Florida.

Making the World a Better Place: Interview with Good360 CEO

As a world traveler, Good360 CEO Romaine Seguin saw how some of it is not as bright as it could be. Her nonprofit leverages logistics to make it better one step at a time, impacting more than 22 million people in 2022.


10 Tips for Boosting Ecommerce Efficiency

There are endless opportunities for smart businesses to capitalize on the growing ecommerce trend. Processing high volumes of small parcels, however, requires flawless operations at every step of the supply chain to ensure maximum profitability.

10 Tips for Selecting LTL Service Levels

In an unpredictable and evolving global supply chain, it is vital to have a trustworthy LTL carrier strategy that adds consistency to your operations. It is essential to select carriers that are aligned on your priorities and can be most beneficial to your business.

Rethinking Retail Strategies

As a result of retail’s rapid change, retailers need to review existing strategies to fully leverage forward-thinking practices and technology. Identifying those opportunities contributes greatly to revenue, profit improvement, and customer satisfaction.


Highlighting DC Efficiency

Consumer demand for order fulfillment speed and accuracy highlights the central role distribution centers now play in the supply chain. DCs are stepping up by tapping into sophisticated technology and resources to transform and optimize operations and boost efficiencies.

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