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Gettin’ Giggy With It

The gig economy’s impact on last-mile delivery and fulfillment expectations has not gone unnoticed by the retail and e-commerce behemoths. Acknowledging that impact, investment activity is spinning up this year. It seems odd but, despite finely tuned distribution systems, e-commerce leaders now feel they have to add to their “legacy” fulfillment infrastructure, technology, and expertise […]

GOOD QUESTION: How will supply chain management transform in the next five years?

Here are the three major transformations supply chain managers can anticipate. 1. Adoption of advanced supply chain technology will be a major source of competitive advantage for companies. Platforms that improve human decision making and asset management will be areas of focus. Companies will unify their technology portfolios and update or replace legacy systems. 2. […]

Preparing Now For What the Future May Bring

In 2022, it became clear that effective supply chain risk management (SCRM) is not a luxury but a necessity. The year saw numerous disruptions to global supply chains, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Log4Shell vulnerability, and concerns over rail strikes.

Case Studies

Shaun Bunch: Best of the Bunch

Shaun Bunch is senior vice president of supply chain with Northern Tool + Equipment, which offers more than 100,000 tools—from air compressors to welding tables—through 130-plus stores, catalog, and website.

Operating in Style

After working for several years in the field of styling and fashion, Joelle Desaulniers created the eponymous JOELLE Collection. The Quebec-based company offers unique dresses, sweaters, jumpsuits, and jewelry, among other items, through a thriving online business and a boutique in Trois-Rivieres. Another boutique in Place Ste-Foy is slated to open later in 2023.

LeaderSHIP Profile: Omnidirectional Capability

Because he leads by consensus and allows team members to course-correct on their own, JJ Schickel can devote his time to creating innovative solutions that help customers sleep better.


10 Tips: Optimizing Mobile Devices in Your Supply Chain

Mobile devices are indispensable tools for businesses to stay connected and manage their supply chains—placing them on the front lines of technology transformation. Here are 10 action items to better optimize the use of mobile devices in your supply chain.

10 TIPS: Make Your Supply Chain Data Work for You

The term “big data” describes harnessing information from disparate systems and situating it in one place for deep analysis. Some companies thought this was a fad, but supply chain data is the lifeblood of your business. Here’s how to make it work for you.


Georgia: Propelled by Logistics

With an expansive infrastructure, more cargo capacity on the way, and access to a qualified workforce, continued logistics prominence is on Georgia’s horizon.

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