Cast Your Vote for the 2018 Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards

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*Q1 - Your Job Title
*Q2 - Please match your function (check the best one):
Corporate Management
Supply Chain / Purchasing / Supply Management
Transportation / Traffic Management
Logistics / Distribution
*Q3 - Please Indicate Your Company Type (select best match):
Carrier/Transport Intermediary/3PL/Warehouse
Services sector or Government
*Q4 - Please indicate the services you recommend, specify, approve, or purchase (check all that apply):
Air Freight Services
Motor Freight Services (TL/LTL)
Ocean, Ocean Intermodal
Rail, Rail Intermodal
Small Package Delivery, Expedited Freight, Express Services
Third Party Services (3PL), Contract Logistics
Supply Chain Technology, Software/Systems
Transportation Equipment
Warehousing & DC Services
Materials Handling Systems, Equipment, Forklifts
Packaging/Labeling Systems
Intl. Shipping Services, Freight Forwarding
Fleet Operations, Dedicated Contract Carriers
Site, Port or Facility Selection
None (I never specify, evaluate, or manage, or manage those that specify, buy or manage any transport related service, solution or product.)
*Q5 - Your best guess on how much your company spent on transportation and related logistics services and technology in the last year:
More Than $50 Million
$10-$49 Million
$1-$10 Million
$100,000-$1 Million
Less Than $100,000
*Q7 - Regions where your company has logistics partners (select all that apply).
Southeast Asia (Including India)
Middle East/ North Africa
Eastern Europe/Russia
South America
North America (US, Canada, Mexico)
U.S. only
No Logistics Partners
*Q8 - How many people are at your location?
Q9 - Please list three third-party logistics companies that excel in meeting your needs.
*3PL #1.
3PL #2.
3PL #3.
Q10 - Tell us why you think the 3PL companies you chose in the previous questions merit industry recognition.
Q11 - What are the most important challenges you face today (select all that apply)?
Business Process Improvement
Corporate Social Responsibility (including Sustainability)
Cutting Transport Costs
DC Network Optimization
Expanding to New Markets - Sourcing
Expanding to New Markets - Selling
Finding, Retaining, Training Qualified Labor
Improving Customer Service
Managing Big Data
Managing Inventory
Reducing Assets and/or Infrastructure
Reducing Labor Costs
Regulations, Security, and other Compliance Issues
Risk Management/Contingency Planning
Supply Chain Visibility
Technology Strategy and Implementation
Vendor Management
Q12 - Which is a more important criterion for measuring 3PL performance:
Price Service
Q13 - What is the number one reason for a failed 3PL partnership?
Poor Customer Service
More Competitive Options
Loss of Control
Cultural Dissimilarities
Failed Expectations
Q14 - Should companies generally partner with one 3PL or more than one?
Just One
More than One
It Depends
Q15 - How many 3PLs do you use?

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