Vendor Compliance

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Cleartrack Information Network

ClearTrack is dedicated to supplying supply chain execution solutions to help retailers improve operational performance and reduce costs. Our latest product offering, Load Tender X-change™, automates the request for pricing, load bidding and the tender process for truckload and less-than-truckload shipments by activating the power of cloud technology to seamlessly connect with your preferred carrier community.

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Compliance Networks

Compliance Networks' retail-centric solutions optimize supply chain flow by automating key processes including: vendor compliance and collaboration, scorecards and certification, chargeback management, purchase order fill rate and accuracy measurement, and supply chain alerts. This enables greater supply chain efficiencies. Compliance Networks provides better business intelligence so retailers can make informed decisions and collaborate with suppliers to increase vendor compliance and directly improve the bottom line. Compliance Networks offers a no-risk approach to recovering lost profits in as little as 120 days.


TransportGistics is a global, multi-product and services company that provides market-leading, simple, incremental solutions for transportation management and logistics functions within the supply chain. Our Web-based solutions enable our customers to source, procure, and execute transportation services; enable collaboration; reduce costs; improve processes; identify hidden costs of transportation; improve vendor compliance routing guides; improve Supplier Relationship Management; monitor vendor performance; improve shipment visibility; generate automatic, status-driven alerts; and monitor carrier performance with respect to time in transit, service failure, and billing.