3PL Provides a Well-Oiled, Single-Source Solution

3PL Provides a Well-Oiled, Single-Source Solution

Trinity Logistics offered olive oil maker Pompeian a fully managed transportation solution while providing expert support, extensive data, and any training needed to maximize transportation results.


Pompeian is a leading name in the olive oil industry and has been a long-established customer of Trinity Logistics for all its truckload shipping needs since the 1990s.

However, as its business grew, Pompeian realized they had little to no visibility into their less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping rates. Nor did they have clear information on the delivery status of their LTL and truckload customer orders through the manual data entry processes they had in place.

Pompeian quickly realized they needed a transportation management solution that could be their one source for all their transportation information. They needed a system and expert support so they could eliminate their manual entry processes and access detailed reporting so they could gain visibility into where their freight dollars were actually going.

Pompeian needed a solution that could not only offer them the answers to their current problems but continue to support them through the years as their business continues to grow and expand.


Pompeian chose Trinity Logistics as their single-source logistics solutions provider because Trinity offered more than just its transportation management software. Pompeian had already experienced Trinity’s invaluable People-Centric service and Trinity’s offer to manage Pompeian’s logistics operations through its Integrated Outsource solution appealed to them.

While Trinity offers other transportation management solutions including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and a managed TMS, their Integrated Outsource solution offered Pompeian exactly what they were looking for—a fully managed transportation solution that provides them with expert super-user support, extensive data, and any training needed to maximize their transportation results.

Since working solely with Trinity Logistics, Pompeian has increased efficiencies, reduced the cost of their transportation operations, and gained valuable freight cost visibility, all thanks to Trinity’s strategic account management in conjunction with their transportation management software.

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