3PL Line: Third-Party Logistics Perspectives

5 Steps to Revolutionize Your Corporate Culture

Successful business leaders understand that a company’s culture is just as important to the bottom line as tools and technology. But workplace culture involves more than a company T-shirt and zone cleanup competitions. In strong companies, it is a highly structured and repeatedly measured discipline. Company culture is a sustainable platform for long-term performance, encompassing […]

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Sean Coakley

Laying the Foundation For a Long-Term 3PL Partnership

Many companies start working with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider to fix an isolated problem at the lowest possible cost. Unfortunately, these relationships are often short-lived and serve only to fill an operational gap. But thoughtfully planned 3PL partnerships can produce invaluable results using a long-term approach that focuses on sustainable operational gains, rather than […]

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Kelly Christie

Five Ways to Drive Efficiency In International Logistics

If your international supply chain partners aren’t able to operate at optimal efficiency, they pass increased pricing on to your company. When partners don’t meet your expectations, it’s difficult to standardize the logistics flow, which reduces efficiency and decreases their level of commitment to your goals. Add the extra time your personnel spend working through […]

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Ed Smith

Improving Efficiencies and Costs in the Energy Supply Chain

Maintenance, logistics, and materials management professionals in upstream and downstream production are facing challenging times. Price volatility and increasing operating costs are causing energy companies to scrutinize sourcing strategies and the costs associated with vendor managed inventory (VMI), consignment, and integrated supplier programs. Additionally, more difficult oil and gas extraction methods — such as tar […]

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Perry Belcastro

Fine-Tuning Fulfillment for Happy Holidays

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season are fast approaching. For many companies, including retailers and online merchants, the holidays are the year’s peak sales period. With so much on the line, it is critical to be prepared. Today’s consumers have no tolerance for inaccurate orders, delayed shipments, or unresponsive customer service. They expect […]

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John T. Costanzo

U.S./Canada Border Clearance: It’s Not as Easy as You Think

Many U.S. companies underestimate the complexity of shipping to Canada, thinking of it almost as an extension of their own country. Geographic proximity, shared language, and common culture leave the impression that sending goods across the border should be a breeze. Yet increasingly stringent security mandates, bureaucratic customs requirements, and a battery of taxes, tariffs, […]

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Blake Vaughn

Consumer Electronics and Reverse Logistics: Play It Again

Shoppers return between 11 and 20 percent of consumer electronics devices, according to industry experts. While returns are the beginning to device recovery, all the steps in the reverse logistics process, including repair/refurbishment and remarketing, can be improved. Recognizing the importance of reverse logistics in maintaining and growing profit margins, many consumer electronics manufacturers and […]

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Bobby Harris

3PLs Can Provide Soft Cost Savings for Small Businesses

Shipping is the second-largest cost many small businesses incur, after labor. Despite the challenges they face—including high gas prices, advancing technologies, and competitive markets—small companies must continue to move products from Point A to Point B. To keep productivity high and customers happy, some small businesses seek ways to cut shipping costs, including engaging third-party […]

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Kyle Gholston

6 Secrets to Finding the Right 3PL

To help mitigate a potential capacity shortage, many shippers are turning to third-party logistics (3PL) providers to help cover lanes that otherwise would be difficult to fill. If you are looking to partner with a 3PL, these guidelines can help you secure a beneficial service provider relationship. 1. Choose carefully. Until recently, Internet access and […]

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