Jack Rosenberg

When Real Estate Intersects With Logistics

Fulfillment centers across the globe are adapting to better suit customer demands. We’re seeing increased automation and robotics, more office improvements, higher levels of complexity, greater security, and stepped-up employee workplace amenities, among others. In short, businesses are expecting more. And they want more now. Leasing new property is an important part of expanding or […]

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Doug Davidson

Start Now to Leverage the Benefits of the Panama Canal Expansion

The expansion of the Panama Canal, scheduled between late 2015 and early 2016, is one of the most important infrastructure projects of the past century. The upgrades mean that massive post-Panamax ships will traverse the waterway, leading to a significant shift in trade patterns and increased global trade. Global companies typically grow 15 percent faster, […]

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Lake Ray

How to Choose a Business-Friendly Site

The U.S. manufacturing resurgence can largely be attributed to companies reshoring operations. With its low-cost, abundant energy resources, the United States has once again become a cost-effective siting option for energy-intensive manufacturers. As the energy boom brings companies back to the United States, they must decide where to locate. A number of factors make a […]

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John W. Wallace

Panama: Leveraging Opportunities Beyond the Canal

It’s not only shipping lines, railroads, logistics service providers, and multinational firms that want to know to what extent the Panama Canal expansion project will affect business. Every company will be affected plenty, and must be prepared to modify existing distribution operations to reflect the changing world. Why will the Panama Canal expansion have such […]

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Eng Keat Lee

Managing Complex Supply Chains in Emerging Asia

Capitalizing on Asia’s emerging markets requires the ability to effectively manage the complex supply chain challenges that the region presents. Often the first step to turning economic potential into actual growth is creating a strong and secure logistics hub. Global businesses commonly centralize their logistics and supply chain management functions in a stable, secure location […]

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Michael Breen

Northeast Florida: America’s Logistics Center Drives Global Business

Thanks to its strong transportation infrastructure system, the Northeast Florida region is on a solid trajectory for increased international trade, as well as logistics and supply chain management investments and employment. Dubbed "America’s Logistics Center," Northeast Florida is one of the only centrally located East Coast regions offering all four pillars of logistics: rail, air, […]

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Tim Nowak

St. Louis: New Gateway to Asian Markets

Nicknamed the Gateway to the West nearly 200 years ago for its presence as an economic powerhouse, St. Louis, Mo., is making significant progress as a key partner for international trade relations and economic growth. For new businesses or those seeking to grow trade relationships, St. Louis now represents a gateway to Asian markets. St. […]

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Kevin Keith

Blazing Trails from the Crossroads of America

Missouri’s transportation system is an essential component of many industries, and the heartbeat of everyday life, working as a conduit between its rural areas and its big cities. But, because it’s always there, it can be easy to take the state’s transportation infrastructure for granted. Sometimes we need to be reminded that transportation can—and does—make […]

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Daniel Griswold

Getting in the Zone: FTZs Fuel Improved Logistics

For decades, America’s foreign trade zones (FTZs) have provided a valuable platform for U.S. companies competing in global export markets. The FTZ program was established in 1934 to expedite and encourage foreign commerce. The nation’s 500 zones and subzones are secured areas, often near or adjacent to U.S. ports of entry, and are considered outside […]

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Lynn A. Westmoreland

On a Roll: How a New Auto Plant Revived a Town

Six years ago, West Point, Ga., was on the brink of becoming a ghost town. More than 16,000 of the town’s factory jobs disappeared in the past 20 years, leading to high unemployment, a low standard of living, and a lost sense of community. But then, something amazing happened. In 2006, South Korean car company […]

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