In Perspective

Protesting Economic Ignorance

I’m a big fan of freedom of speech, the right to assemble, and peaceful protest to effect change. But when exercising these rights, protesters must be aware of unintended consequences and potential collateral damage.

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Reading the Signs 

When forecasting the future, it’s easy to be distracted by external indicators that sound significant. In supply chain management, indicators external to your enterprise, but internal to your supply chain, deserve your attention

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Responding to the Past

We may need to remove all the mirrors in Washington, D.C.—not to shrink the egos of lawmakers and regulators, but to keep them from looking back and solving the problems of the past.

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Lean on Me

Analyzing economic forecasts is like untangling spaghetti. But one thing is certain—recent economic trends are putting more pressure on supply chains.

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Disruptive Influences

Disruption is not a word supply chain managers like to hear. But operating today’s extended global supply chain is fraught with risks. Planning and building good relationships are your best defense.

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Conflict in the Supply Chain

Everyone wants a smooth-flowing supply chain, free of conflict, says Perry A. Trunick, associate editor, Inbound Logistics. But the U.S. government has added a new wrinkle to the issue of supply chain management in the context of global politics and human rights.

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