Smart Moves: Supply Chain Careers & Education Advice

Helen Sabell

5 Hacks for Recruiting in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain and logistics requires innovative, logical thinkers to be recruited in order to compete with rapid technology advancements and global expansion. Finding the right candidate for your business is a challenge that requires broad advertising, rigorous interviews, and ultimately some give and take from both sides. Not only does the individual need to be […]

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Tom Gimbel

Share This, Post That. How to Get Millennials on Your Team

Employment in the logistics sector is shifting as millennials are expected to make up about 75 percent of the supply chain workforce by 2025. Companies need to revamp their recruiting and interviewing practices to appeal to this generation. Companies can create the environment and experience millennials are looking for by following these five steps: 1. […]

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Thomas W. Derry

Pursuing a Certificate? Learn Before You Act

People who are successful in their profession consistently challenge themselves to learn more, regularly attend professional meetings to network with peers and mentors, and seek out opportunities to expand their education. Are you thinking about pursuing a certificate or certification in the supply management profession to enhance your knowledge and improve your career possibilities? Here’s […]

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Walter Lynch

Instill Passion, Purpose, and Leadership To Attract and Retain Logistics Talent

The talent gap in the logistics field is vast, touching everyone from truck drivers and warehouse staff to supply chain and third-party logistics (3PL) professionals. Finding the right people, and fast, is an ongoing struggle. Seventy-nine percent of 3PLs feel they are unprepared for the looming labor shortage and its impacts, states the Council of […]

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Lamar Johnson

How to Attract the Best Supply Chain Talent

Everyone in the supply chain management field feels the crunch for frontline, technical, and management talent. Today, leading companies are expanding their talent search from traditional technical sources, such as engineering programs, to include a new area: business schools. The demand for technically oriented people who understand business and possess soft skills such as communication, […]

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ML Peck

E-Learning Boosts Supply Chain Management Expertise

The rapid pace of business requires all of us to invest in our teams while quickly learning new skills and taking on new responsibilities. The supply management sector is becoming increasingly more strategic, requiring its professionals to develop new competencies while they are in the midst of busy careers. Procurement professionals must continually sharpen their […]

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