Supply Chain Perspectives

Is There a Logistics Professional in the House?

Even if you’re not a huge Star Trek fan, you’ve got to love Dr. McCoy—and the line he repeated so often that most of us could probably say it in our sleep: “(Darn) it Jim, I’m a doctor, not a _______.” When you think about it, it’s incredibly funny, because when bad things happen, the […]

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4 Supply Chain and Logistics Trends to Watch in 2022

It’s been a historic and challenging couple years in supply chain and logistics. As we approach 2022, we’re still facing extraordinary demand, fleets are doing the best they can short-handed, and the current infrastructure is backed up, leading to delays and rising prices. I wish I could say we’ll round the corner once we get […]

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Brandon Stallard

Why the ‘Shareconomy’ Is the Future of Logistics

The idea of a global shared economy—which has given rise to businesses such as Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb that share resources among user bases—is projected by PwC to generate revenue of at least $335 billion by 2025. An increasingly popular concept made possible by new technology platforms, fueled by the idea of collaborative consumption, the […]

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Download the Inbound Logistics Planner App Today

Find the right solutions, carriers and partners to drive efficiency in your supply chain operations and enable your enterprise to navigate the twists and turns, ups and downs of the coming year. The Logistics Planner, 25 years strong, is updated this month with profiles of leaders in transportation, technology, logistics, supply chain management, education and […]

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Kyle Martin

Supply Chain in the Cloud: How Tech Is Reshaping Logistics

In warehouses, on roads, and in corporate offices, technology is evolving every facet of logistics. From basic improvements like streamlining operations and increasing process efficiency to fully automating delivery trucks, technology is enabling much smarter, simpler supply chain management. Below are three emerging technologies reshaping the logistics industry: RFID Technologies The replacement of traditional barcodes […]

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Bill Ravenscroft

Getting Distribution Centers in Peak Season Shape

While the annual peak shipping season begins in August and lasts through the winter holidays, the work for supply chain and logistics distributors certainly doesn’t end come the new year. In fact, the National Retail Federation’s monthly Global Port Tracker report indicates that cargo volume for January 2017 is forecast at 1.53 million Twenty-Foot Equivalent […]

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