Ten Tips

Maximizing Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal transportation involves endless service options and possibilities. Navigating through this tangled web of choices can be mind-boggling, especially for newcomers. To simplify the process for new intermodal users and overwhelmed veterans, here are some suggestions from Paul Kromberg, principal of Rail and Intermodal Consulting Services, Springfield, Va. 1. Explore all supplier alternatives. Check out […]

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Dealing With Customs

Many importers admit that understanding the U.S. Customs Service (USCS) process is like navigating a bureaucratic labyrinth. Here are some useful tips from importers familiar with USCS and its processes. 1. Know thy import specialist. In order to successfully negotiate the intricate parameters USCS uses to measure the import process, it is important to build […]

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Negotiating With Your Railroads

Rail mergers and acquisitions have shaken up the industry, leaving behind a tangled web for consignees and shippers to navigate. So how do you avoid getting snagged in the web of management hierarchy and get the best bang for your buck when negotiating a shipping deal? It may take a little research and some homework, […]

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Selecting a Warehouse Management System

You don’t have to be a software guru to select a good warehouse management system, but you better know what you want to accomplish. Don Dalton, president of Columbus, Ohio-based ScanData Systems. Inc., says companies need to clearly identify their operational requirements before asking a software company to provide a solution or respond to an […]

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Your Dream Logistics Job: Make it Happen!

The new breed logistics professional has a four-year degree, analytical and technological skills, supply chain knowledge and line management leadership. There’s a shortage of these professionals at all levels, creating tremendous career opportunities. If you are looking to capitalize on this opportunity, you need to review your career aspirations and develop a game plan to […]

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Selecting A Supply Chain Management System

Choosing supply chain management (SCM) software can be the single most important decision a logistics manager can make. This solution can be one that drives your business to 99.8-percent fulfillment levels or drives it into the ground. Blinco Systems Inc. ( offers this 10-point checklist to use when interviewing vendors and evaluating SCM software packages. […]

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