Global Trade Management Systems Guide 2023

Global Trade Management Systems Guide 2023

Global trade management (GTM) systems and services are more important than ever in today’s complex and disrupted business environment. GTM solutions support the logistics, compliance, and communication aspects of import/export operations, and help manage multiple transportation modes. From resource planning and trade compliance to customs filings and data analytics, here are the providers that can help ensure your global supply chain runs smoothly.


Trade compliance and international transportation trade management platform that integrates supply chain data into operational execution and actionable business insights. Simplifies import and export trade compliance processes through automation, visibility, and control, which minimizes trade risk.

Acuitive Solutions

Pre-payment global freight bill audit module automates the audit process. Receives data inputs from carriers, 3PLs, and forwarders, and then automatically validates the correct invoices and isolates discrepancies. Audits 100% of all freight bills, prompts carrier self-correction prior to payment, and reduces administrative time and costs.


Provides automated export and import declarations. Communicates seamlessly with Customs. Keeps shippers up to date with changes to customs law. Collaborates with customs brokers using automatic data exchange via API. Maintains a reliable network of broker partners.

Bamboo Rose

Provides retailers, suppliers, freight forwarders, carriers, customs brokers, and banks a single unified view of their financial, logistics, and compliance operations across the supply chain. Integrates quality control, supplier compliance, import, export, supply chain visibility, customs, and financial forecasting. Regulatory and country-specific intelligence is embedded into the platform, providing a worldwide, centralized solution that helps mitigate supply chain and compliance risk.

Blume Global

A multimodal supply chain platform that provides end-to-end domestic and international logistics execution from first mile to last. Provides visibility throughout the value chain, from carrier sourcing to delivery, in one unified collaborative cloud platform. Services include multimodal contract management and intelligent carrier selection. A drayage marketplace identifies hidden drayage capacity in real time to handle demand surges. A seamless booking process simplifies complex global multimodal shipments.


Helps centralize global trade operations and provides increased control over international compliance, while driving lower-risk cross-border execution and faster multimodal movements. Streamlines import clearances with automated data entry to help drive accuracy and improve productivity. Correctly classifies goods and meets regulatory requirements with real-time legislation updates and reference materials. Submits the right paperwork in the right language, manages finances in multiple currencies, and ensures shippers deal with trusted providers.

CDM Software Solutions

Provides software solutions for the logistics, supply chain, shipment compliance, energy and safety industries. Offers web-based forwarding operations including air, ocean, truck export, and import documentation. Provides global shipment compliance including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union, and Japan customs. Services include air and ocean carrier shipment tracking and integrated accounting.


Enables end-to-end visibility of global supply chains. Provides impactful data and customized reporting—from on-the-water inventory reports and landed cost per unit to carrier and forwarder performances—that drive meaningful supply chain decision-making. The platform can display SKU-level and multi-shipment tracking in one view, offering transparency and control. Seamlessly unites all preferred vendors and carriers within its network by leveraging its global trading partner onboarding expertise.


One of the world’s largest import/export trade databases. Gathered from official filings with customs agencies and ministries around the world, the global trade database is detailed, up to date, and authoritative. It utilizes artificial intelligence and data visualization to generate in-depth business intelligence that helps maximize supply chain efficiency, satisfy customer demand, and enable continued growth. Includes product classification and duty determination, denied party screening, export compliance, duty and tariff data, import/export data and trade research, and data analytics.


Manages every aspect of global trade on a single platform. Provides comprehensive, up-to-date trade content to help shippers centralize and standardize processes while reducing the risk of cross-border non-compliance. Provides a full range of functionality, including regulatory trade compliance, duty management, customs declarations filing, and a proprietary trade content database covering 270+ countries. Capabilities cover product classification, restricted party screening, origin point calculation, duty management, export/import processes, and customs support.

Eezy Import

Focuses on helping small businesses navigate import management. Customs and global shipping solutions include importer security filing, applying entry summaries to U.S. Customs, getting an immediate online quote for a less-than-containerload shipment and booking it in seconds. Tracks shipment status online and provides live email and text notifications. Purchases customs bonds for imports and marine insurance to protect goods against damage. An online customs solution enables shippers to file an ISF (10+2) and Entry Summary (7501) in minutes and cut expenses.


A logistics cloud platform that offers transportation management solutions for global shippers, forwarders, and carriers to effectively manage supply chain workflows. Provides modular solutions that are integrated, scalable, and affordable. Solutions can be implemented with minimal capital investment and a “pay as you go” approach to assure that a company buys only what it needs when it needs it while minimizing technology infrastructure investment.


Connects key participants across the global freight ecosystem, including hundreds of airlines, ocean liners, and trucking companies, thousands of freight forwarders, and more than 10,000 importers/exporters, through a transparent digital platform that allows real-time global freight rate comparison, booking, payment, and shipment management. Instantly compares air, ocean, and trucking freight quotes from reliable forwarders and carriers, all backed with reviews, all-in prices, and the information shippers need to choose the right shipping option.


Infor Nexus Global Freight Management Software is a cloud solution built for cross-ocean, international logistics complexities. The platform connects the activities of international buyers and suppliers through native applications to streamline visibility with a worldwide network of thousands of global logistics service providers. Synchronizes shipment planning, automation and optimization, multimodal rating, shipment tracking and global network connectivity.


Global control tower provides supply chain transparency; aggregates, completes, and enhances data from a variety of sources; offers visibility into and execution of different aspects of the supply chain; and generates data-driven alerts and analytics that ask deeper questions and deliver meaningful insights. The IntelliTransTMS provides shipment execution and visibility across rail, truck, intermodal, barge, and ocean shipments. Reduces labor-intensive, time-consuming, and error-prone business processes.


Livingston offers TradeSphere global trade management software, a compliance manager’s ultimate dashboard that helps stay within limited budgets by monitoring and managing global operations from one platform. It provides a consolidated view of the complexities of international trade requirements, from compliance documentation to updated and interpreted regulations and protocols. Creates and stores transaction information in one database to improve visibility and ensure timely, accurate communication.


End-to-end global trade management platform with a single instance that seamlessly integrates order management, production, transportation, compliance, audit, and cost management. The platform’s capabilities run with advanced artificial intelligence. Offers comprehensive visibility to transportation, documentation, and warehousing; sense and response autonomous execution; and flexible integration to hundreds of partner types.


A digital freight platform focused on the physical movement of goods, including rate management, booking, execution of shipments and operations, as well as visibility of the international movement of goods—complete with reporting. Customs compliance functionality supports foreign trade zones and customs brokerage, including real-time data exchange with U.S. Customs. Serves freight forwarders, 3PLs, NVOCCs, warehouses, couriers, and customs brokerages.


MIC-CUST offers an international customs self-filing solution on one single technical platform for more than 55 countries, automating electronic import and export clearance processes including special customs regimes and inventory management. Provides the ability to generate an import customs declaration in one country from export data of another country. MIC’s Export Control Management allows for central management of all company transactions under export control law and detailed checks of business transactions with respect to the relevant regulations.


Works with its affiliated licensed brokerage operation and a licensed U.S. customs broker to perform a comprehensive audit of shippers’ import procedures and customs bonds, providing the importer of record an annual customs audit and bond audit report. Digitally-enabled ISF services manage all importer security filings with Customs and makes all ISF documentation available within the Navegate software, including the sharing of ISF confirmations with a designated customs broker.

nVision Global

Impact TMS is an automated order management system that allows global shipment creation, ratings, spot quotes, and reverse auction. Additional features include tender booking, and shipment track and trace. Available for all modes and services.


A global compliance solution that centrally manages business processes related to cross-border trade. Provides visibility and control over orders and shipments and ensures adherence to trade regulations.


Offers integrated global trade management and multi-carrier shipping in a single end-to-end solution. Multilingual, multi-currency solution supports multi-date formats. Capabilities include import/export management; free trade agreements; foreign trade zones; restricted party screening; trade compliance analytics; global, multi-carrier shipping; visibility; and freight bill auditing.

QAD Precision

Helps simplify global supply chains by integrating end-to-end global trade management with multi-carrier transportation execution in a single solution. The solution is multilingual, multi currency and supports multi-date formats. Key features include: import management; export management; free trade agreements; foreign-trade zone; restricted party screening; trade content; and trade compliance analytics.


Allows shippers to run worldwide compliance from a single platform that integrates trade services across the entire enterprise. Accelerates cross-border supply chains by automating and streamlining trade processes to control costs, reduce the risk of penalties and fines, and clear customs faster. Centralizes global trade management with a single repository for all compliance master data and content. Provides on-premise or cloud deployment, comprehensive import and export management, management of free-trade agreements and customs procedures, and self-filing and broker communication.

SEKO Logistics

Provides access to all SEKO global logistics and management tools in one portal. From booking international shipments to running custom reports, MySEKO enables full international tracking, with detailed visibility of shipment progress, and individual parcels for e-commerce companies. Features global search capability, order management visibility, and multi-language support. It also enables full international tracking, with detailed visibility of the progress of shipments, and even individual parcels for e-commerce customers.


Logi-Sys, Logi-Sys Pro, Live Impex, and Visual Impex software solutions automate operations across the entire global supply chain. The freight forwarding management software covers sales, marketing, finance, and complex tax compliance for international logistics providers and freight forwarders.

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE

Simplifies the entire global trade management process with trade compliance information and facilitation tools that automate routine tasks. Manages risk to stay ahead of constant global regulatory changes impacting the supply chain. Improves supply chain efficiency and saves time by automating a company’s import and export operations. Delivers bottom-line savings by reducing the cost of goods sold through duty savings programs.


Facilitates transportation procurement workflows from bid request through pricing management to accurate payment, closure and analytics. Offers shipment tracking and purchase order tracking with proactive alerts. Provides landed cost pricing calculations, comparisons and what-ifs. Supports decision making through visual analytics, dashboards and KPIs. Helps improve vendor compliance and vendor management, reduce transportation management expenses, manage transportation functions, and execute transportation tasks including procurement.