Helping Shippers Meet Production Deadlines With Custom Solutions – Celadon Logistics

Helping Shippers Meet Production Deadlines With Custom Solutions – Celadon Logistics

When the ELD mandate turned next-day deliveries into two-day runs, Celadon Logistics came up with situation-specific supply chain solutions to help shippers in time-sensitive industries.

The Challenge

With the ELD mandate fully implemented as of April 1, shippers across industries are reporting the biggest pain in “tweeners,” or shipments that used to be next-day deliveries that have turned into two-day runs (think 550-750 miles).

Celadon Logistics’ primary industry exposure is in two time-sensitive industries: automotive and food and beverage. This spring, multiple clients approached us to discuss how to avoid production disruptions or how to fulfill OTIF requirements.

The Solution

By taking a holistic look at supply chain processes, Celadon was able to dig into areas including purchasing, production, and transportation to come up with situation-specific remedies, including:

  1. Increased use of expedited teams to meet transit requirements.
  2. Working with shippers to extend lead times, ensuring Must Arrive By Dates are still met.
  3. Working with consignees to adjust appointment times and ensure more carrier-friendly policies, including mitigating detention and enhancing flexibility for highly visible orders.

Based upon industry- or company-specific needs, there is not necessarily one solution you can point to and say, “Solved!” But working with a consultative partner who has industry experience, knowledge, and relationships ensures a variety of solutions can be considered to maintain your relationships.

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