IN BRIEF: New Services and Solutions

IN BRIEF: New Services and Solutions

From recently delivered Super Post-Panamax ship-to-shore cranes for the Port of Savannah to a new bi-directional automated guided vehicle with a 5,000-pound payload, these recent innovations and developments boost supply chain services and operations.


•  The new bi-directional automated guided vehicle (AGV) BigBuddy from ResGreen Group International uses magnetic tape to move loads up to 5,000 pounds. Built for crowded warehouses that require maneuverability, BigBuddy includes two 16-zone LiDAR lasers in the front and back of the vehicle to ensure worker safety.

•  Confidex a Beontag Company released Heatwave Ultra, a new industrial RFID tag solution engineered to withstand recurring heat cycles as well as lengthy heat events. With a thermoplastic enclosure, Heatwave Ultra is built for extremes and can be used multiple times in high temperature cycles.

•  The Taskmaster XL pallet shredder from Franklin Miller shreds entire pallets and nails to reduce bulk volume. Designed to cut pallet disposal costs, it has an enclosed hopper design that automatically directs the pallet into the cutting chamber.


•  Dachser opened a high-bay warehouse (pictured below) in Memmingen, Germany. The new warehouse can handle as many as 400 pallets per hour—or 5,000 per day—of incoming and outgoing goods via 22 loading and unloading gates with features such as automatic unloading systems, a palletizing station, and eight rail-guided rack operators in high-bay storage.

•  The Port of Savannah received four Super Post-Panamax ship-to-shore cranes, upgrading its crane fleet to 34 machines at Garden City Terminal after four older cranes are retired and recycled. Pictured below: The all-electric cranes, designed by Konecranes of Finland, transit the Savannah River channel aboard the BigLift Barentsz on Aug. 24, 2023. The cranes and improved dock will increase Garden City Terminal berth productivity by 25% or 1.5 million TEUs of annual capacity.

•  LEMAN expanded its freight forwarding operations to Mexico to better serve shippers in North and South America.

•  Dayton Freight Lines, a provider of regional less-than-truckload services, moved its Wisconsin Rapids Service Center into a new facility located directly behind the old one. Located in Mosinee, Wisconsin, off Interstate 39, the new service center features 28 doors.

•  DHL eCommerce, a division of DHL Group, opened a Silver LEED-certified 352,000-square-foot distribution center in Chicago. It houses a Honeywell IntelliSort cross-belt loop sorter capable of processing up to 40,000 parcels and packages per hour. Additionally, the new facility has 149 dedicated trailer parking spaces.

•  Averitt Express expanded its Charleston-area facility (pictured below) to support growing cargo volume in and out of the Port of Charleston. The enhancements to the facility located in North Charleston include an additional 35,000 square feet of warehousing space as well as on-site parking and fuel tanks.


•  Dexterity unveiled the latest release of its palletizing and depalletizing software designed to optimize pallet operations in warehouses. The Dexterity Palletizing and Depalletizing 3.0 software release enables warehouse robots to sort products directly onto pallets, pick from up to 5 pallets stacked on each other, and load and unload rolling carts.

•  Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM), a cooperative chassis pool manager, opened its onboarding portal to support its new South Atlantic Chassis Pool (SACP 3.0), following a soft launch that began in June. Companies must register via the new portal to participate in the SACP 3.0 pool, which will start in October 2023, so they can access CCM’s new and refurbished chassis available in 75 locations throughout the South Atlantic region.

•  The latest release of FORTNA’s intelligent slotting optimization software, OptiSlot DC, incorporates a simple system language change for Spanish and German in addition to English for businesses growing in additional geographies. Other enhancements include visibility and decision-making support through custom reporting.

•  ToolsGroup, a supply chain planning software provider, introduced Dynamic Fulfillment, a new addition to the JustEnough retail planning and execution suite. Designed to boost retailers’ order management systems, Dynamic Fulfillment evaluates fulfillment options based on costs, margins, resources, and customer service level agreements.

•  PortPro, a drayage software provider, released Automated Terminal Appointments, which helps companies secure terminal appointments. The feature is available to companies in New Jersey, New York, Seattle-Tacoma, Los Angeles-Long Beach, Norfolk, Charleston, Miami, Mobile, and Oakland.

•  RFID technology solutions provider Datamars launched STORM, a web platform that allows companies to remotely manage and monitor their RFID devices installed in multiple locations. STORM lets users filter their inventory based on name, location, or other properties.

•  Dun & Bradstreet introduced D&B Protect, a new supply chain risk platform that illuminates sub-tier suppliers and identifies risk in real-time throughout an entire supply chain to address vulnerabilities to fraud, abuse, and exploitation.


•  cargo-partner introduced airfreight consolidation services between Western Europe and Asia. It now offers weekly airfreight solutions from major airports in Austria, Germany, the UK, Sweden, and the Netherlands to more than 10 destinations across India, China, Singapore, and Thailand.

•  Britain’s new all-cargo airline, One Air, completed its inaugural Boeing 747-400 freighter flight, operating a full charter for client Shandong Glory from China to the United Kingdom. In addition to charter flights, One Air offers regular airfreight services from Asia Pacific to Europe with two 747F flights per week.

•  Roadrunner launched eight new lanes to Virginia and Las Vegas, giving LTL shippers more direct options. Inbound service to Richmond, Newport News, and Virginia Beach, Virginia, begins from the following cities in California: Commerce, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Inbound service to Las Vegas, Nevada, starts from Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia.

•  OOCL now offers a new service in its Intra-European Network. The Türkiye Spain Morocco Express (TSM) service provides a direct connection between Greece, Türkiye, Spain, and Morocco along with a transshipment connection at OOCL’s Mediterranean hub of Piraeus.