IN BRIEF: New Services and Solutions

IN BRIEF: New Services and Solutions

From a lighter refrigerated truck body to a new U.S.-Korea airfreight service, here are some notable supply chain services and solutions that recently hit the market.


  • CEVA Logistics added five stations to its network of airfreight locations certified under the CEIV Lithium Battery program. The program confirms each facility’s ability to properly handle and store lithium batteries, as well as validates the training and expertise of on-site employees. CEVA’s locations in Frankfurt, Incheon, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo are now CEIV certified, joining the Amsterdam and Hong Kong airfreight stations.
  • U.S. e-commerce brands can more easily go global with the recent partnership between fulfillment platform Airhouse and SEKO Logistics. Through this partnership, Airhouse customers gain access to SEKO’s facilities to expand their direct-to-consumer operations globally.
  • The CMA CGM Group now offers TEUs to Trees, an early container return incentive program designed to increase climate change mitigation and help improve supply chain fluidity and velocity. Providing customers with 2.5 tons of carbon credit per container to offset emissions, the program is in effect from October 1 to December 30, 2022 and covers both refrigerated and dry containers as well as every U.S. ocean terminal where CMA CGM receives empty containers.
  • DHL Supply Chain introduced a recovery management solution to help companies reduce electronic waste. Featuring a customer portal to manage reverse logistics and technical service teams to inspect and validate returns, the circular supply chain solution helps enterprises reuse, reprocess, or recycle used electronic parts, such as processors, touchscreens, computer modules, or tech assets.


  • A stronger, lighter, refrigerated truck body on electric chassis is now available from Bollinger Motors, which teamed up with Wabash, a truck body and trailer manufacturer. Featuring Wabash’s lightweight composite technology EcoNex and Bollinger’s Class 4 electric chassis cab, the new truck body offers increased total payload capacity due to lower overall truck weight and thermal efficiency improvements.
  • The new EASILINER release liner from Essentra Tapes is designed for e-commerce packaging. Available in various widths, the paper-based silicon release liners preserve adhesive qualities on packaging formats and offer seal-when-ready functionality.
  • Phoenix Labeling unveiled its new Print & Apply labeling system designed for the final stretch of fulfillment operations, where employees scan, print, and affix labels on cartons. The solution is built around a linear applicator made of carbon fibers and can apply identification labels on packages with different heights. A laser sensor detects the height of the incoming package and instructs the applicator on the correct labeling height.
  • Trelleborg introduced the XP700 tire for low-intensity materials handling applications. The XP700 tire features deep lugs for increased traction and a compact lateral block design to minimize vibration for forklift operators.
  • The Kivnon K55 pallet stacker is designed to move and stack palletized loads at low heights. Performing cyclic or conditioned routes while interacting with other autonomous vehicles, systems, and/or people, the autonomous mobile solution can be adapted to connect to fleet management systems.


  • 6 River Systems’ (6RS) autonomous mobile robot, Chuck, can accommodate many product and tote sizes, has configurable height shelves to meet picking needs, and offers numerous accessories to increase warehouse associate productivity. 6RS, part of global commerce company Shopify, also developed a workspace tray to make tasks like splitting cases and counting small pieces easier and faster.
  • HP’s new Metal Jet S100 Solution lets companies mass-produce high-quality 3D printed metal parts to streamline supply chains. Companies in the medical, industrial, consumer goods, and automotive industries can scale 3D metals production with this modular solution.
  • Locator Studio from Photoneo is designed for 3D picking applications, and can pick objects from flat surfaces like trays, conveyor belts, and racks, or localize parts for object placement, screwing, and assembly. Equipped with a 3D sensor, object localization and picking software, and a vision controller, it can provide faster picking speed than bin picking systems and can integrate with a robot system.
  • Tive’s tracker solution now covers a wide range of cold chain temperature requirements—including dry ice and cryogenic shipments. Designed for pharmaceutical, biologicals, and cell gene therapy companies, Tive’s multi-sensor Solo 5G trackers capture and transmit hyper-accurate location and temperature data in real time.


  • MSC is developing a new air cargo solution as a complementary service to its ocean container shipping solutions. Available starting in early 2023, the solution will launch following the delivery of the first of four MSC-branded Boeing 777-200F aircraft that will be operated by Atlas Air.
  • Small and mid-sized enterprises now have an economical and fast e-commerce service from Hong Kong to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand with Kerry Logistics Network Limited’s new international e-commerce express solution. The service runs under its e-commerce and express division Kerry eCommerce in collaboration with S.F. Express (Hong Kong) Limited.
  • A.P. Moller-Maersk launched a U.S.-Korea airfreight service through its cargo airline arm, Maersk Air Cargo. The service offers scheduled flights between Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina, and Incheon, Korea, starting with two weekly flights using the first of three newly built Boeing 767-300 freighters that have recently been purchased by Maersk Air Cargo. Cargo airline Amerijet International will operate all U.S.-Korea flights.