Intelligent Technology Provides Visibility into Supply Chain

As more and more companies scale and expand, managing transportation is quickly becoming a challenging factor of growth. More so, companies need to have complete visibility into their entire transportation process in order to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. While many TMS providers can promise transportation management, intelligent transportation technology also provides organizations with the means to gain new sources of competitive advantage through complete supply chain visibility.

Increased Visiblity

Traditional installed software is built with single user architecture in mind. Installed TMS solutions don’t provide the visibility, centralized control or offer the collaborative benefits of an intelligent platform, which is why single-instance, multi-tenant models like LeanTMS are becoming the growing preference among industry experts and transportation professionals. This type of innovative transportation technology allows multiple users—vendors, carriers, shippers, basically, all facets of a supply chain—to work collaboratively in a single instance of the technology. Furthermore, the connectivity provided across multiple partners makes visibility a natural outcome.

So what does visibility from a TMS mean? With visibility of better data, companies can determine best transportation options, therefore enabling smarter decisions. With real-time transportation information, companies in the LeanLogistics Transportation Network are able to monitor planned flows of goods as well as data of executed shipments. This also establishes primary benchmarks for the transportation industry and, by measuring company performance against the performance of a larger network, companies can begin to leverage this information in the interest of building a better supply chain.

Rich Products Corporation, a leading supplier and solutions provider to food service, in-store bakery, and retail marketplaces selling more than 2,000 products in over 100 countries, partnered with LeanLogistics in order to better manage and measure transportation execution. With the visibility provided through innovative transportation technology, the company is able to proactively meet capacity needs, identify and track key customers to provide ‘white-glove service’, as well as outperform the market enabling the company to become a ‘shipper-of-choice’. Furthermore, business intelligence and smarter data address performance metrics, customer service and carrier compliance.

"We are able to complete rate bids and then take that data to make smarter network decisions, drive utilization of trucks and optimize multi-stop loads. It’s more than just rates, it’s the ability to drive savings over several different areas of transportation," says the director of transportation for Rich Products.


Gaining visibility to global and domestic data is the primary benefit of intelligent transportation technology that also provides access to a network. Members of the LeanLogistics Transportation Network have un-biased access to transportation data, such as rates, carrier performance, and transit times, to strategically improve performance by providing an industry frame of reference, beyond historical company-only data. By accessing network data, companies benchmark with better business intelligence, allowing smarter decisions for continuous improvements enabling them to use this information to plan for tomorrow.

LeanLogistics is a global solutions provider of SaaS transportation management system applications and supply chain services enabled by the industry’s largest transportation network.