Most Read Articles of 2022

Most Read Articles of 2022

The challenges of the past few years did not ease up in 2022. Here are some articles covering practical strategies that readers turned to for advice last year.

Supply Chain Lessons Learned

January 2022
Companies are spinning solutions that will keep them at the top of the charts. Here are 16 sound supply chain lessons you can tune into that will keep you moving forward.

Importing Do’s and Don’ts

Importing Dos and Don'ts main image

October 2022
Importers may need to rethink some approaches to efficiently operate a supply chain that meets today’s challenges. These strategies can be key components of a comprehensive plan.

Step Up Your WMS Game

September 2022
Selecting a new warehouse management system (WMS) can be a dizzying experience. Here’s a play-by-play guide to choosing the WMS you need.

Cold Chain for Food Transportation

December 2022
Maintaining the cold chain for food transportation can be challenging. Chill out! These solutions can help.

Automation and Robotics Go Arm in Arm

February 2022
Robotics can provide warehouses and fulfillment centers flexible and scalable automation solutions. See how companies use robotics to increase efficiency.

Outsourcing by the slice or by the pie: 3PL Market Research

July 2022
Shippers often form partnerships with third-party logistics (3PL) companies to navigate obstacles. Inbound Logistics’ annual 3PL research shows that a majority of 3PLs have gained customers and seen revenues and profits climb. Find out what other trends the survey reveals.

Calling in the Troops

Military feature story main image

July 2022
The military produces and inspires logistics innovations. What lessons can companies learn from history’s best-trained military men and women?

Rebooting Global Supply Chains

March 2022
Supply chain challenges call for fresh strategies. These 7 strategies to reboot global supply chains can help companies navigate the new normal.

The Building Blocks of Omnichannel Fulfillment

Omnichannel feature main image

August 2022
Learn how leading brands adjust their strategies by snapping together the right mix of strategies that serve market needs and expectations while also meeting business goals.

Souping Up the Supply Chain

April 2022
Consumers made e-commerce their menu item of choice in 2021. Supply chain professionals can serve up technology that aids with visibility, intelligence, and efficiency while ensuring everyone gets their fill.