Radaro and NorthStar Digital Solutions Partner to Solve Industry-Wide Process Gaps in LTL & TL Transportation

Radaro and NorthStar Digital Solutions Partner to Solve Industry-Wide Process Gaps in LTL & TL Transportation

FR8Focus is a new mobile application on the market representing the next step in the visual, real-time digitization of freight and asset tracking for North American carriers.

In collaboration with a private carrier over the past three years, the application addresses real-world pain points of transportation. 

Allowing carriers to connect, mobilize, track, and manage their fleets in real time, FR8Focus was developed to integrate into all facets of less-than-a-truckload (LTL) and truckload operations (TL).

NorthStar Digital Solutions COO, Dave Brajkovich, explains, “FR8Focus is about more than a single piece of technology. It’s about flawlessly combining an assortment of technologies to solve industry-wide issues. Operations can see their entire fleet(s) on the road at a glance, communicate with drivers instantly and adjust schedules ad hoc.” Mr. Brajkovich continues, “From a carrier’s customer standpoint, we have eliminated a lot of frustration. When they see real-time route flows and receive instant notifications, there is no longer a need to ask where their shipment is.”

The application provides agility and visibility while reducing the antiquated processes of paper-shuffling from hours to minutes, even seconds, by completely digitizing operational workflow. This significantly lessens carrier overhead, eliminating all manual labor previously required to handle documentation.

PODs are scanned by the drivers and uploaded instantly to backend TMS systems to provide next-minute customer invoicing. Customs documentation is uploaded immediately to expedite shipment release and border crossing. This is backed by document capture resolution, mitigating error and ensuring no carriers are leaving money on the table. 

Radaro’s Joe Thull, Head of North America, comments, “Working with a large LTL provider over these past two years allowed us to co-create a solution that has solved many of the current LTL marketplace challenges while being simple to use, yet powerful to scale.” Mr. Thull adds, “Our solution was developed with the carrier, the customer, and the driver in mind, resulting in truly intuitive systems where workflows anticipate each step. FR8Focus complements existing tech stacks to allow for efficient integration and avoid the headache of replacing systems essential to running their business.”

Mr. Brajkovich notes, “Customers, partners, and transportation leaders are showing significant interest and excitement. Not just for the impact FR8Focus can have on their bottom line, but for how quickly we can integrate. Our ROIs are well-established and the infrastructure is in place. We can integrate into a small fleet or trial portion of a larger fleet within a couple of days.” He concludes, “Waiting for information is a non-starter for this day and age. With FR8Focus, we’re connecting the road to the back office!” 

FR8Focus is alleviating operational pain points in the LTL and TL marketspace and delivering solutions with speed, accuracy, and simplicity. Its use-case provides a detailed look into the real insights gained by one of Canada’s largest privately owned LTL carriers.

Those interested in scheduling a demonstration or learning more about the application are encouraged to contact Radaro or NorthStar Digital Solutions. 

About Radaro:
Radaro is an enterprise technology platform that streamlines and optimizes LTL and freight deliveries. Its UX/UI places the customer at the center and is simple to deploy, easy to understand, and scalable. Radaro scheduling, routing, and dispatching enables real-time visibility for service providers and brings control over your logistics and brand experience during delivery.

Its global customers benefit from its purpose-built, modern technology stack that seamlessly integrates end-to-end with your current environment i.e., TMS platform. Radaro partners with leading retail, grocery, LTL logistics, TMS providers, manufacturing, healthcare, and service industries to bring innovative solutions to market. For more information, visit radaro.com.au/fr8focus


About NorthStar Digital Solutions: 

A new way of connecting the supply chain to you. NorthStar infuses the digital experience into transportation and supply chain industries through technology platforms. Known as systems integrators, they provide unified end-to-end solutions and offer direct connectivity streams to associated partners, carriers, shippers, brokers, and consumers. For more information, visit northstardigital.solutions