Syfan Logistics Provides Safe Harbor for Manufacturer with Drayage Delays

Syfan Logistics Provides Safe Harbor for Manufacturer with Drayage Delays

Through front-end service and being available when others aren’t, Syfan Logistics helped a heavy machinery manufacturer avoid millions in losses.

The Challenge

Syfan Logistics was recently contacted by a heavy machinery manufacturer in their own backyard who was encountering lengthy delays on materials shipped from overseas suppliers. These delays were due to the manufacturer’s logistics partners waiting to collect their shipping containers from ports until the last free day (LFD).

Since their logistics partners were not acting as quickly as possible within the ports, the manufacturer was forced to wait for their materials for hours—and even sometimes days.

In this instance, the materials inside their container couldn’t wait as the parts inside were crucial to the continuation of their production line. If these parts were not delivered on time, millions of dollars would be lost with each passing day of no production.

With nowhere else to turn, the manufacturer began scrambling for a solution. They called several logistics companies for assistance only to be told their timeframe was unrealistic and could not be accomplished. Knowing the 3PL’s history with expedited over-the-road solutions, the manufacturer made one last call to Syfan Logistics.

The manufacturer called at 4 p.m. on a Friday, explained the delay, and then asked if Syfan could get their container to them in 12 hours or less. Showcasing their “never say no” approach to business, Syfan readily accepted the challenge and got to work.

The Solution

Syfan Logistics was confident this challenge could be overcome by utilizing their Expedited Port Model. This model was built from Syfan’s decades of experience in over-the-road trucking. By taking their existing expedited model and applying it to ports, Syfan found they could eliminate a lot of wasted time and wasted money.

Wasted time and wasted money were exactly what the heavy machinery manufacturer was trying to avoid. Upon receiving the call, the Syfan drayage team was undeterred by the deadline and timing. They approached this challenge like any other—by being hands on with what they call “white glove service.”

The foundation of Syfan’s “white glove service” is being available 24/7, providing proper front-end service, and using available resources to fix problems that others can’t.

With its 24/7 availability, Syfan Logistics had team members ready to start tracking containers and rerouting truck drivers as soon as the manufacturer hung up the phone. Delivery schedules were altered to better accommodate the manufacturer’s narrow timetable.

Next, the drayage team members used technology to track the container’s location, and then relied on their relationships with local port workers to expedite the process of clearing the container and transporting it to the ready-and-waiting truck.

Due to the quick efforts of their drayage team, Syfan Logistics was able to deliver on their promise. The parts were delivered to the manufacturer in just under 11 hours, roughly an hour before the strict deadline that was set. The manufacturer was able to resume production and avoid the major delay they feared would cost them greatly.

This case is yet another example of Syfan Logistics’ unique approach to business. Their “never say no” philosophy allows them to take on tasks that other providers won’t, and deliver on the promises they make.

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