Materials Handling

Aleksejs Volcenkovs

How to Use Pallet Collars to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Improving efficiency in the warehouse can help boost customer satisfaction and increase overall revenue. In many cases, the simplest change can make the biggest difference in how efficiently your operation can run. A simple review of your warehouse operation can help you identify the changes that can be made to improve the efficiency of your […]

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George Prest

Education, Outreach Keys to Changing the Face of Supply Chain

The supply chain has an image problem. Although modern operations no longer resemble the dark, dirty, stagnant facilities of the past, we’re still challenged by that popular perception. In reality, supply chains are global enterprises led by a diverse group of professionals who routinely utilize innovation, creativity and smart thinking to drive operational efficiency as […]

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Analyzing Lift Truck Fleet Data 

Collecting and analyzing lift truck data is critical to optimizing materials handling equipment (MHE) fleet utilization and maximizing cost savings. Good data helps fleet managers budget short- and long-term costs, determine correct fleet size, and evaluate whether to lease or buy new equipment. Allen Polk, director of business development for Kenco Fleet Services, offers the […]

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Michelle Coleman

Best Practices for Preventing Pallet Rack Damage

Warehouses and distribution centers can be hectic, and it is essential to have solid damage prevention practices in effect to prevent employee injury and minimize loss. However, in an environment where workers are maneuvering heavy equipment and heavy loads in confined spaces, accidents are bound to happen. Even the best driver occasionally has a collision, […]

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