How to Use Pallet Collars to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Improving efficiency in the warehouse can help boost customer satisfaction and increase overall revenue. In many cases, the simplest change can make the biggest difference in how efficiently your operation can run.

A simple review of your warehouse operation can help you identify the changes that can be made to improve the efficiency of your operation. Consider the following:

  • How much time does it take for your warehouse crew to load and unload supplies and products?
  • How flexible is your packaging?
  • How many people have to be dedicated to moving around your products in the warehouse?
  • How can you decrease your labor costs in the warehouse?

All of the above are simple questions, but the answers can unlock invaluable insights into increasing your productivity. By investigating the above you can see where costs are piling up.

The Benefits of Pallet Collars

Pallet collars provide a flexible packaging option, helping reduce labor costs. They are easy to store (they fold flat) and are easily height adjustable. They are superior to both crates and pallet walls because they are easier to use and do not require tools to put together or take apart.

They are significant time savers: Your warehouse workers do not have to stop to grab tools and work on opening or building the packaging. Collars take up less storage space than pallet walls and are easily maneuvered by one person.

Because pallet collars do not have to be broken apart to gain entry or hammered into place, they are damaged far less than other packaging materials, which means they can be used and reused more times. They are an inexpensive option that will increase the speed at which your goods can be packaged and unpacked.

Besides saving time and labor by using pallet collars, you can also save money on packaging materials. Pallet collars reduce the need for fillers, such as Styrofoam peanuts and paper packaging. The simplicity in which they can be used reduces risk of injury in the warehouse.

Efficiency Down the Supply Chain

Pallet collars can increase efficiency in the warehouse and throughout the supply chain. They allow you to ship goods more efficiently by reducing the amount of wasted space. When your end users get the delivery, they will be able to use the pallet collars to easily and efficiently unload the order and even use the pallet collars as a part of their display. Shippers also have the option of implementing a return program to have the pallet collars sent back for continued reuse.

Most organizations have a program in place that allows the pallet collars to be shared throughout the supply chain. A simple stamp on the inside of the collar will identify which company the pallet collars should eventually make their way back to.

Efficiency is a key element in any successful organization. Using tools that enhance efficiency allows shippers to make improvements to the supply chain without having to make big changes. Switching out to pallet collars is a simple step but it can turn into a differentiator in how efficiently your goods are stored, shipped, and delivered.

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