The Matzo Project Simplifies Operations by Partnering with Echo Global Logistics

The Matzo Project Simplifies Operations by Partnering with Echo Global Logistics

Echo fosters transparency and loyalty with The Matzo Project, a fast-growing business, through caring customer service relationships.

The Matzo Project began in a kitchen when two childhood friends created a simple, healthy, and tasty matzo recipe almost 10 years ago. The product was an instant hit, making it onto Oprah’s Favorite Things List in just the first year.

The business quickly needed a way to efficiently source carriers and ship its delicious matzo flats, chips, and soup kits around the country.

With the help of Echo Global Logistics, the small business was able to grow, leveraging Echo’s extensive carrier network to easily book loads and manage its business needs.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Echo in 2019, The Matzo Project was resigned to sourcing carriers manually, sorting through a long list of transportation providers and determining the best option. The entire process was time-consuming, with the team reaching out to carriers individually and having to go back and forth to find the best option.

Echo reached out to The Matzo Project with the goal of helping the company source the best carriers and move loads more easily so it can focus on the finer points of customer service.

“Good customer service is when you feel like someone hears you. Great customer service is when you can establish a relationship that’s supportive and caring,” said Cheryl Gaysunas Williams, logistics coordinator at The Matzo Project. “I’ve routinely received great customer service from Echo.”

Now, Echo sources carriers and provides quotes, creating a seamless booking experience and the confidence that The Matzo Project is receiving the best service for the best price with access to an expert to guide them through any potential hurdles.

The Solution

No matter the shipping needs, The Matzo Project always trusts Echo to find the best option at a fair price. After working with the company extensively over the years, Echo team members have built up a rapport, providing exemplary, responsive, and engaged assistance.

With dedicated attention to detail and a personal touch, Echo offers more than just service, but also a caring partnership.

Through Echo, The Matzo Project has access to a trusted representative who is an extension of their logistics team, 24/7 representative availability and rapidly responsive communication, an extra layer of cargo protection with EchoInsure+, and accessible technology that makes securing transportation effortless.

“Our relationship with Echo is the kind of relationship that I want to be for someone else. The number one reason I recommend Echo is because of its customer service,” Williams said. “Even though we’re small, they treat us like one of the big guys.”