What is a Courier Service: Meaning, Benefits, and Functions

What is a Courier Service: Meaning, Benefits, and Functions

When you need customizable and speedy pickup and delivery services to keep your supply chain flowing, you might consider the post office. Unfortunately, the post office charges high rates for anything faster than the norm, and its services are limited. The solution exists with couriers

In the past, courier services were limited to local pickup and delivery, often for legal organizations and nearby businesses. Now, couriers can deliver anywhere and anytime with speed, efficiency, and bespoke services. Even with customizable services, couriers often charge less than postal services. In this article, we will define courier, answer the question of  what does courier mean, and explain how shipping carriers that offer courier service to final delivery destination are becoming a key part of logistics management. 

What is a Courier Service?

Whats a courier? Courier definition: Courier services are streamlined shipping companies that deliver to any address.  Courier means they can pick up and deliver letters and parcels for all types of businesses, even for employees who work remotely.

Who uses courier services? Businesses that need important documents, especially legal documents, rely on couriers for their speedy, safe, and reliable services. 

These third-party logistics services differ from postal services because they do not have size restrictions, and they offer several unique features for signature, packing, and return services.

Postal services usually have size restrictions and limited additional services. For example, logistic courier services can take care of last-mile deliveries, secure payment processing, and time-sensitive deliveries. In many cases, a shipping company will use both courier and postal services. 

Courier Service vs. Postal Service

Postal services and couriers have similar offerings, but with different costs, quality, and reliability. 

Postal services, like the United States Postal Service, are usually less expensive than courier businesses, but they have limited features.

Courier service providers costs involve more shipping, as people use couriers for specific handling needs. The fees for couriers include fuel, taxes, and duty when sending overseas. Courier websites share their exact fees for all services. 

The post office is a government-run organization, so it isn’t as customer-friendly as a commercial business looking to make a profit. Because it is a government agency, the prices are lower than a courier. A private courier service is an independent business.

The post office is not as reliable or speedy as a courier service, especially regarding international parcels and same-day delivery services. 

Types of Courier Services

Hundreds of companies around the world provide courier services, there are a wide variety of us courier companies, and many have niche markets with specific goals. 

Express Courier Services

Speedy courier services specialize in delivering packages and letters often with same-day services. This type of delivery service often works within city limits for companies that need private communications.

Law firms tend to use express courier services for the prompt delivery of legal forms and court orders.

International Courier Services

Global shipping companies offer international shipping services. They usually have their trucks, buses, and jets to provide exceptional shipping services with guaranteed deliveries. If they don’t have their jets and trucks, they work with other couriers that do. International courier companies take all sizes of packages and help customers with tariffs, taxes, and duties. 

Overnight Courier Services

Couriers that specialize in overnight delivery make good on their promises. They guarantee their services to provide peace of mind to customers who need delivery service completed within 24 hours. 

Standard Courier Services

Standard couriers provide reliable delivery service, but with longer time limits. They usually deliver faster and more reliably when compared with government post offices. 

Benefits of Choosing a Courier

When you choose a courier service, such as Global Logistics Parcel Services Ltd, you get what you order. While companies offer a variety of services with different features, you can trust that your package will arrive when promised in the condition promised.

Often, larger courier services have fewer options, while smaller businesses offer bespoke features that meet specific needs. 

Your favorite courier service might work with other shipping companies for a city to city delivery, then the courier company finishes the last miles to the door.

Others use only in-house features to get packages from point A to point B. Most courier services have several benefits compared to offerings from government post offices. These benefits include:

Hassle-Free Speed

Post offices have levels of bureaucracy that create hassles when organizations require specific shipping needs. A corporate courier delivery service has efficient, often customizable route planning and highly trained staff that ensure your packages get where they need to be on your schedule. 

Some courier companies have their airlines to move freight, while others use commercial airlines to help get parcels to their final destinations. 


Couriers tend to be more reliable than postal services because they offer options like tracking services, door-to-door delivery, and convenient smartphone apps with real-time tracking. This can help with inventory management.

Of course, government post offices deliver to every address in the United States, but they often have issues getting packages from the postal service to the final address. 

Commercial couriers have bigger budgets so they can provide better services with high-tech tracking services.

Smartphone apps deliver notifications on your package’s location. You can bypass in-person signatures with electronic signatures or by sending your package to a pick-up location if you aren’t at home when the delivery van arrives. 


A professional courier service should have safety features thanks to their thorough training procedures and high-tech logistics services. Couriers work hard to reduce losses and damage while packages are in transit, especially compared to postal services.

Businesses can trust their packages are in good hands because courier services have their reputation on the line. And because couriers take good care of packages, business owners can take care of other needs. If they need additional coverage, businesses can add insurance to their shipping services.


Although courier services tend to cost more than standard postal services, their services are more reliable, efficient, and timely. Some courier services use postal services to reach remote addresses, courier services take care of packages from start to finish.

The shipping cost with a courier company helps pay for trucks and jets, staff training, and logistics technology. These services are expensive, but they pay off as the companies with these resources manage packages with exceptional skills.

You can save money using less expensive packing materials, but you should make sure your item is packed appropriately. 

Packing Services

Many courier services provide packing services, which can help businesses save time and money. Postal offices offer packing supplies, but customers must pay for them and pack their items. A reliable courier service can pack items, often for discounted rates.

Courier services understand how to pack items because they know what happens when items are being shipped. When you pay for packing services, the fee should cover the necessary specifications and packaging requirements. Your boxes should arrive on time and in good condition, so the packing materials matter.

If you want to pack your items, the courier service can advise you on the best methods. Their customer service team can provide guidance and tips to keep your items safe while in transit. Post offices can refuse items that aren’t packed properly, while courier services can help you package items appropriately. 

Couriers and Parcel Carriers

FedEx and UPS differ from government-run mail services, and they are slightly different from smaller courier companies. These private companies provide same-day, 24-hour, and international shipping services but with limited customizable services.

Some large parcel companies do not offer customizable packaging services, and their 24-hour and same-day delivery services have cut-off limits based on their shipping routes and schedules. Unlike smaller couriers, corporate parcel services have big delivery windows that can be an entire business day. 

Another difference between courier transport and parcel companies is how packages arrive at their final destination. While companies like UPS have a fleet of brown trucks that deliver to residential and commercial addresses, some parcel companies only drop off at loading docks or their local drop spots like the nearest UPS Store. 

Parcel companies also have limits to what they will ship, especially regarding animals or medical transplant tissues. If they offer special handling, the fees to deliver dangerous goods can be costly.


A logistic courier service provides flexible, customizable, and reliable delivery services. The largest third-party logistics companies might have more delivery vehicles and logistics services, but they often lack the specialized features that businesses want from their local or international couriers. 

Couriers provide a smoother delivery experience with customized services compared to the regular mail service.