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Feature Stories

In-depth articles including case histories, industry overviews and issues of the day, written by IL's award-winning team of editors and writers.

Case Studies


Learn how leading companies overcome supply chain challenges with case studies spotlighting service provider/customer relationships.

DC Solutions

An inside look at leading distribution centers, including materials handling equipment, new technologies and best practices.

IT Toolkit

Profiles of low-cost, high-impact logistics IT solutions for small and mid-sized companies.

Reader Profile

In-depth interviews with leading supply chain and logistics practitioners.


Inbound Logistics' firsthand reports on the logistics and transportation scene in locations around the world.


Ten Tips

Wide-ranging best practices developed with input from industry experts that provides practical, actionable advice to help solve your logistics and transportation challenges.


3PL Line

Third-party logistics experts address the challenges of outsourced logistics.

Carrier's Corner

Carrier experts discuss air, ocean, rail, and road transportation.

Checking In

Publisher Keith Biondo and Editor Felecia Stratton provide their opinions, advocacy and supply chain perspectives.


Applying lean manufacturing principles to supply chain and logistics operations can help businesses reduce costs and gain efficiencies.

Reverse Logistics

Guidance on optimizing reverse logistics to streamline processes, reduce expenses, and increase asset recovery values.

Smart Moves

Logistics career and education advice from leading experts, universities, and executive recruiters.

Supply Chain Perspectives

An offbeat look at logistics and supply chain topics.

Supply Chain Security

Global security and chain of custody challenges addressed by industry leaders.

Green Landscape

Advice on balancing efficient, cost-effective logistics operations with sustainability concerns such as climate change, noise and air polution, and other factors.


Experts tackle issues affecting economic development in transportation and logistics.

IT Matters

Visionaries and experts provide an inside look at what’s next in transportation, logistics and supply chain technology.

Risks & Rewards

Risk management strategies, tips, and alerts affecting all partners in the transportation and logistics supply chain.


Readers and industry experts challenge the logistics market, driving change and improvements with their opinions.

Fine Print

Logistics and the law.



A monthly rundown of news and events shaping the future of transportation and logistics.

Global Logistics

Breaking news and commentary from hot global regions.

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Above & Beyond

Case studies demonstrating how shippers and logistics service providers work together to deliver exceptional customer service.


A compendium of best logistics practices designed to fulfill your need for up-to-date, practical information.

Knowledge Base

Sponsored editorial commentary from industry leaders and visionaries.

Thought Leaders

Supply chain leaders offer their perspectives on the important logistics challenges and opportunities impacting your business.

Economic development

Regional spotlights showcase the transportation, workforce, and operating cost benefits of locations around the country.