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Syfan Logistics

Jim Syfan

Who We Are: Syfan Logistics is an asset-based transportation logistics company providing a diverse array of shipping needs throughout the continental United States, Mexico and Canada.

Mission Statement: We will provide our customers a competitive advantage through superior transportation and logistics services. We will consistently strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations of service through timely communication and quality information.

Vision Statement: We seek to be a guiding light of ethics, integrity and Christian faith in our service to the transportation industry.

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An American Tradition in Transportation

The Syfan family—Jim Syfan, wife Gloria, and their two sons, Greg and Steve—launched their original transportation company in 1984 just north of Atlanta in Gainesville, Ga. Their rise to success is a story of hard work and determination coming together to build an American tradition in transportation.

Syfan Logistics represents the family’s heralded return to the logistics business after selling Turbo Logistics in 2006. In just under four years, their new company has grown to over 150 professional team members and drivers with an annual revenue run rate projected to surpass $106 million by the end of 2015.

Growth in Intermodal Services is Booming

The fastest growing sector of Syfan Logistics is its Intermodal division, which is nearing a full one-third of overall operations. Although the company has always had the capability to handle intermodal traffic, Syfan now coordinates it on a daily basis. Their experience was spawned from a partnership with a major Class 1 railway company and a national parcel delivery carrier. Since then, their volume of intermodal business has grown with each successful delivery.

Deep Roots in Hauling Refrigerated Foods

With its location in the heart of the U.S. poultry industry in Georgia, Syfan Logistics has long been well-versed in hauling deadline-sensitive, perishable food products. The company works extensively with the nation’s largest foodstuffs companies in the poultry, seafood, confectionary, cereal and soft drink industries.

Syfan also brings their 40-year experience and commitment to on-time delivery to its non-food customers, including the world’s largest package-delivery companies as well as the expedited divisions of America’s major automotive manufacturers.

Key Services

In addition to its Intermodal division, Syfan Logistics provides the following key services:

  • Syfan Dedicated Fleet: Syfan owns its own fleet of trucks and trailers (refrigerated, flatbed and dry van). This versatility is put to work with a dedicated fleet division focused exclusively on each customer’s individual shipping needs with a designated driver handling the same loads on a weekly basis.
  • Syfan Expedited: For the highest priority loads with the most demanding delivery schedules, no one in the industry has more experience in expedited logistics. The Syfans’ vast experience in poultry and other national foodstuff industries has forged a unique sensitivity to deadline-oriented product shipping. When others say “no,” the only answer you’ll hear from Syfan Expedited is “yes.”
  • Third-Party Logistics: For shippers faced with a sudden spike in shipping volume or the occasional spot load, Syfan Logistics is able to fill those emergency gaps with its reliable, pre-qualified team of core carriers.
  • Freight Management: Syfan Logistics also can manage a company’s entire shipping program with these Freight Management Services:
    • Bidding and procurement
    • Carrier realignment
    • Order consolidation/load optimization
    • Load execution
    • Spot market management

    The bottom line for customers is significant cost savings through greater operational efficiencies.

Syfan Logistics
PO Box 1294
Gainesville, GA 30503
Toll-Free: 855.287.8485
Local: 770.287.8485