Penske Logistics


Operating a resilient supply chain has never been more important. Penske’s customized solutions help your business gain resilience and gain ground.


  • Dedicated Contract Carriage
  • Warehousing and Distribution Center Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Freight Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Lead Logistics | Control Tower | 4PL
  • Freight Brokerage
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Truckload Services


Penske Logistics

Drive Resiliency

Penske Logistics is committed to meeting the most complex requirements for our customers, bringing deep expertise, technology and innovative solutions to drive supply chain resiliency.

Deep Expertise

A recognized industry leader, our team of logisticians, engineers, technologists and data scientists bring the deep expertise and industry experience you need to take your supply chain to the next level.

Increasing efficiency. Controlling costs. Elevating quality. Boosting safety. Enhancing sustainability. That’s why market-leading companies in industries including automotive, food, beverage, grocery, energy, healthcare, electronics, retail and manufacturing partner with us.

Technology and Innovation

The right technologies and clean, accurate data are essential to supply chain visibility. Our people and tools help harness the power of your data to provide clarity and actionable insights enabling you to predict, avoid and successfully mitigate disruptions.

Practical innovation and continuous improvement are deeply engrained in our culture. So is partnering with customers to test the latest technologies. From A/I and automation to IoT, robotics and sustainable approaches for a better future.

You’ll gain ground with Penske Logistics.

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Penske Logistics