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Category: TMS

TMS and the Reverse Supply Chain

Also listed in: Reverse Logistics

Getting control over outbound freight is a top priority in today's supply chain. But many organizations fail to look at their inbound freight with equal scrutiny. Be it backhaul, customer returns, repairs, inventory replenishment, or incoming raw materials, using a TMS for your reverse supply chain presents huge opportunities for savings and optimization. Download this free whitepaper and learn about getting more control over your reverse supply chain and savings with Freight Management 2.0.

Crossing Over: TMS Delivering Big Value for Small Shippers

Also listed in: Logistics IT, Transportation

No matter the size of your shipping operation, the logistics are complicated. Optimizing loads, reducing dock dwell, load tendering, meeting deadlines, and many other issues combine to challenge your business every day. Transportation Management Systems (TMS) have long been a mainstay in large shipping departments, while smaller shippers have been left using manual systems such as spreadsheets, or worse. Not anymore. A SaaS cloud-based TMS will show you the money - with little to no investment up front, and big value to your bottom line. Find out more by downloading this free whitepaper.

Also from BestTransport:

The Value of a TMS and Logistics Services for Effective Inbound Freight Management

Also listed in: Transportation Mgmt/Freight Mgmt, Trucking-LTL

This whitepaper will help you gain a deep understanding of how to effectively manage and understand the nuances of LTL freight shipping. It covers the challenges logistics executives face in inbound freight shipping; areas to focus on to improve inbound freight management; and the requirements of an effective transportation management system. Learn how deploying an effective inbound freight program reaps benefits including significant cost reductions, improved transportation efficiency, better control over incoming goods, a boost in customer service, reduction in cycle time, and even freedom from legal headaches.

The Economics of Transportation Management Systems

Also listed in: Logistics IT, Transportation Mgmt/Freight Mgmt

Transportation is one of the biggest expenses for companies, and these costs continue to increase. Learn about current industry conditions, the factors that are contributing to these cost increases, and the benefits a Transportation Management System (TMS) can provide. This whitepaper will answer all your questions, from the TMS options available to the return on investment.

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