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Category: Trucking

 The Right ELD

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With the ELD mandate now in place, do you know which device is right for you? This eBook explores the top concerns fleet managers face today and how to not only comply, but also drive profitability when deciding on an ELD device. Topics include evaluating and choosing the right ELD, driver training, ELD installation, reliability and security, and more.

Considerations for Complying With the ELD Mandate

Also listed in: Transportation

Learn how to get the most return on investment from your fleet while also abiding by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's new mandate requiring the use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) to log drivers' record of duty status. This whitepaper explores what the mandate entails, and the features and functions of ELDs. It also includes advice on how to successfully implement these devices into your existing systems. 

Becoming a Shipper of Choice

Also listed in: 3PL

If you are a shipper relying on for-hire carriers, or an asset-light 3PL, you are no doubt aware that there are at present several significant issues conspiring to make it more expensive and more difficult to get your goods delivered. The solution for many is to become what’s known as a “Shipper of Choice”. This White Paper explains how shippers can sustain and grow their bottom line by becoming carrier friendly.

Transportation Trends and Insights

Also listed in: Transportation

Each month, Penske publishes Transportation Insights--articles designed to inform and enlighten those in the transportation industry. Our downloadable e-book is a collection of some of our best recent Insights, centered on the topics of talent shortage, driver health and well-being, and safety and compliance. Each piece features information from industry insiders or thought leaders, and offers relevant information on some of the key areas that impact your business the most.

Understanding Chain of Responsibility in the Supply Chain 

Also listed in: Transportation

 With increasing traffic congestion, safety on the highways is of great public concern. Recent incidents involving heavy vehicles are influencing the legislative landscape across the world. Regulatory bodies recognize that responsibility for highway safety goes well beyond mere driver compliance to Hours of Service regulations, thus bringing forward the concept of Chain of Responsibility (CoR). This whitepaper explains CoR, how it has been implemented in other jurisdictions, how it may affect your business, and what you need to do to ensure you are prepared and protected.

660 Minutes: How Improving Driver Efficiency Increases Capacity

Also listed in: Transportation

Recent industry research has found that since the July 2014 changes to Hours-of-Service, drivers spend an average of only 390 minutes (6.5 hours) of the 660 minutes of available driving time behind the wheel. There are many pressures acting upon capacity, and many upcoming regulations, which could inhibit driver hours. This whitepaper helps shippers and carriers attain a strong understanding of Hours-of-Service, and helps them pursue best practices for improved driver utilization.

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Failure of Traditional LTL

Also listed in: Trucking-LTL

Learn how Toys “R” Us converted their traditional Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) origin/destination terminal network into a unique consolidation system powered by Unyson technology to significantly lower expenses, increase visibility with advanced tracking and shift to a more sustainable supply chain.

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Industry Challenges

Also listed in: Transportation

The transportation industry faces many challenges in 2015 and beyond. Increased recruiting expenses and mileage pay, truck and maintenance costs, preparation for future regulations on equipment, lost productivity due to new regulations, and a precarious market capacity situation are all stressing forces. This whitepaper provides valuable information and insights surrounding the driver shortage, driver retention, tightening regulations and capacity, railroad investment, equipment costs, and overall productivity.

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Be Nimble - Drive a Nimble Supply Chain

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As companies look for ways to stay competitive, evaluating the type of fleet they operate should be considered. There are several factors to consider when choosing between owning a fleet or using a dedicate contract carrier. With many new trends in the trucking industry, here’s how Ryder Dedicated can help your business.

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