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Be Nimble - Drive a Nimble Supply Chain

Listed in: Trucking

As companies look for ways to stay competitive, evaluating the type of fleet they operate should be considered. There are several factors to consider when choosing between owning a fleet or using a dedicate contract carrier. With many new trends in the trucking industry, here’s how Ryder Dedicated can help your business.

Seven New Year's Resolutions in Carrier Sustainability

Listed in: Sustainability, Trucking

In today's rapidly evolving technological world, where electronic decisions are made instantaneously and data mining is king, it can be hard to remember that carrier profitability is based on simple, logical ingredients. It is easy to become so techno-dependent that the basic fundamentals of truck transport are lost in the shuffle, or buried under mounds of data and marketing "strategies." The simple fact is, the keys to success in transportation lie in minimizing distance, maximizing payload, and adhering to a disciplined business model. This whitepaper provides the seven fundamental factors that create the difference between industry leaders and "the other guys."

The Complete Guide for Shippers to Process & Master Freight Claims

Listed in: Freight Payment/Audit Services, Supply Chain Security, Transportation

Understanding freight claims is vital to running an efficient transportation and logistics department. Unrecovered freight claims have a direct impact on the bottom line of a company—and the tougher the economic times and thinner the margins the greater the impact.  Download this whitepaper to learn the difference between freight claims and freight liability, tips to mitigate freight damage, steps toward successful freight claims and more.

42 Principles of Forecasting

Listed in: Forecasting, Supply Chain Mgmt/Optimization

Forecasting is a thankless task. You’re always wrong, and your work is never done. Good forecasts aren’t always celebrated, but inaccurate forecasts will always be criticized. While poor forecasts deserve to be critiqued, good forecasts – or consistent improvements in forecast accuracy – equally deserve hosannas and rewards. This new e-book provides practical and actionable tips to help your company improve its forecasting process.

The Value of a TMS and Logistics Services for Effective Inbound Freight Management

Listed in: TMS, Transportation Mgmt/Freight Mgmt, Trucking-LTL

This whitepaper will help you gain a deep understanding of how to effectively manage and understand the nuances of LTL freight shipping. It covers the challenges logistics executives face in inbound freight shipping; areas to focus on to improve inbound freight management; and the requirements of an effective transportation management system. Learn how deploying an effective inbound freight program reaps benefits including significant cost reductions, improved transportation efficiency, better control over incoming goods, a boost in customer service, reduction in cycle time, and even freedom from legal headaches.

Add Resilience to Supply Chains

Listed in: 3PL, Supply Chain Mgmt/Optimization

Natural disasters and other events can disrupt connections between you, suppliers, and customers. You can circumvent disruptions or minimize their impact on the supply chain. This whitepaper explores which companies face the greatest risk for disruption, what supply chain mapping can reveal about risk, and how you can build resilience into your supply chain.

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Enterprise Mobility Management: The Big Bang Theory

Listed in: Wireless/Mobile Technology

The array of choices facing mobile device users can be dizzying. Whether your enterprise needs the entire stack of device, content- and app-management capabilities, and containerization, or just a few, you need some kind of enterprise mobility strategy. This research describes how companies that have deployed enterprise mobility management have been able to overcome many challenges, satisfy employee access demands, secure corporate data, and delight management with new potential for productivity and ROI.

Digital Twin: Manufacturing Excellence Through a Virtual Factory

Listed in: Supply Chain Mgmt/Optimization

Download this whitepaper to learn how a new concept – a “digital twin” – can be used to improve the feedback loop from production back to design. Manufacturers embracing a digital twin strategy can accelerate innovation cycles – and better adjust to continuous process improvement – with greater ease and effectiveness.

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February 2015 Cover

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February 2015

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July 2014 Cover

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July 2014

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Oil, Gas & Energy: Down Goes the Boom Cover

Digital Edition

Oil, Gas & Energy: Down Goes the Boom

(11 pages • 0 MB PDF)

Logistics and Supply Chain Education Resource Guide Cover

Digital Edition

Logistics and Supply Chain Education Resource Guide

(5 pages • 0 MB PDF)

2015 Logistics Planner Cover

Digital Edition

2015 Logistics Planner

(135 pages • 0 MB PDF)