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Should Your E-Commerce Website Offer Free Shipping?

Listed in: 3PL, Retail Logistics

As much as people enjoy the convenience of being able to shop online, most don't want to wait long or spend much to get their goods delivered. Amazon and other big box retailers have created an environment where free, quick shipping is now the norm. Shipping is a factor for any online retailer, and approaching it in the wrong way may end up costing you.

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Five Ways a TMS Solution Adds Value to Any Shipping Organization

Listed in:

The business case for supply chain logistics software is compelling to every stakeholder if properly communicated. Download this complimentary eBook which provides five iron-clad arguments in favor of implementing a TMS platform with optimizer tools and private fleet management capabilities. Use these simple, yet effective arguments to build a winning business case for TMS in your organization.

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Bridging the Gap: The Role of Retail 3PLs in the Journey to “Shopping Redefined”

Listed in:

Are you omni-channel ready? Learn why retail 3PLs are uniquely positioned to help retailers bridge the gap to an omni-channel shopping environment with their expertise in these key capabilities: inventory visibility; optimized fulfillment; and perfect packing.

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7 Critical Mistakes Shippers Make When Negotiating Transportation and Logistics Contracts

Listed in:

Master the fine art of negotiating transportation and logistics contracts. Download this whitepaper to learn the seven critical mistakes shippers make and how to avoid them. Do it right and you can create a strong strategic alliance that will yield financial rewards and exceptional service and support for the long term.

State of the Global Supply Chain

Listed in:

Manufacturers expect major supply chain challenges and risks in 2016 stemming from external factors. While meeting rapid-fire customer demand is deemed a priority, this study of manufacturing executives suggests their execution roadmaps are misguided, focused more on cost cutting than strategy. In fact, 76% of manufacturers operate without a Chief Supply Chain Officer. With almost half of manufacturers reporting a disruption that impacted business in the past 12 months, this gap in strategic direction to address broader supply chain agility is a major concern.

Cloud or Licensed Supply Chain IT Systems – Which is Right for You?

Listed in:

As we rely more and more on global visibility into supply chain operations, whether across carriers, modes, or continents, cloud-based SaaS applications will become the standard. Can you trust cloud-based supply chain systems?  This whitepaper compares and contrasts SaaS versus licensed supply chain IT systems offering benchmarks related to cost and security while also exploring functionality, features and vendor Selection advice.

Top 5 Logistics Technologies

Listed in: Logistics IT

The business of Logistics is evolving. While there are a lot of supply chain innovations that have made a big impact on the business of logistics over the years, here are five recent innovations that are revolutionizing the industry: Robotics & Automation; Advanced Inventory Tracking Technologies; Advanced Inventory Management Systems; Collaborative Logistics; Supply Chain Design & Modeling Tools.

Supply Chain Disruptions and Risk Still Looming: How to Create a More Resilient Supply Chain

Listed in: Global Trade, Supply Chain Mgmt/Optimization, Supply Chain Security

Manufacturers today must make sourcing decisions in an environment where they don't know all of the factors. Globalized sourcing operations increase the likelihood of risk or disruption at every turn. Despite these perils, many companies are not taking risk management seriously and have paid dearly as a result. Learn how you can improve your company's level of resiliency to better respond to supply chain disruptions by downloading this whitepaper.

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Barcode Labeling is Changing. Are you Ready? Top 5 Trends.

Listed in:

Customer labeling demands increase, are you keeping pace? Label regulations evolve, do you have a strategy? Deployment models are changing, is your labeling ready? This report outlines shifts in barcode labeling that impact global supply chains.

How Consumer Goods Manufacturers Can Create a More Profitable Supply Chain Through Collaboration

Listed in:

It’s shocking how little true collaboration occurs between retailers and suppliers – despite clear evidence that such collaboration promotes a more profitable retail supply chain. Recent research with logistics executives at both retailers and CPG manufacturers has uncovered the top areas of misalignment. A free report summarizes results of this research and suggests initiatives you must consider to deliver more profit for your company.

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January 2016 Cover

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January 2016

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2016 Logistics Planner

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Top 100 3PL Providers Cover

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Top 100 3PL Providers

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