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Aberdeen Group Report: Domestic vs. International Supply Chain Performance & Investment Disparity

Listed in: Global Logistics, Supply Chain Execution

The increased complexity of global supply chains has led to longer lead times, more in-transit inventory, and the need to control downstream and upstream logistics. These costs add up, which means that a one-percent investment in international supply chain efficiency yields a far greater return than investment in the domestic supply chain. Download this report to learn how you can maximize your global supply chain performance.

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Big Data in the Supply Chain

Listed in: Logistics IT, Transportation, Warehousing

Prior to investing resources into "big data" systems, software, and people, firms must understand that data aggregation alone is insufficient. Without a well-thought-out strategy, big data projects can result in confusion between teams, or worse, lead to sunk costs. This article uses three examples to illustrate data-driven improvement opportunities in transportation, warehousing, and network design. The ultimate deliverable of data-oriented efforts should be greater transparency in decision-making.

Dimensional Weight Pricing–A Winning Strategy for Change Charges

Listed in: Transportation

Beginning in 2015, UPS and FedEx are changing their rate structures to use dimensional-weight pricing, a common industry standard, for invoicing all domestically shipped parcels. Before these changes occur, it is important to prepare to avoid future headaches. This new whitepaper explains how the transportation and logistics sector will be impacted, defines dimensional-weight pricing, and offers tips to prepare for the changes. It also explains how an investment in dimensioning technology can pay for itself, and makes transportation and logistics processes easier and more profitable.

The Economics of Transportation Management Systems

Listed in: Logistics IT, TMS, Transportation Mgmt/Freight Mgmt

Transportation is one of the biggest expenses for companies, and these costs continue to increase. Learn about current industry conditions, the factors that are contributing to these cost increases, and the benefits a Transportation Management System (TMS) can provide. This whitepaper will answer all your questions, from the TMS options available to the return on investment.

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Don't Let the Dirty Little Secrets of Freight Payment Impact You

Listed in: Freight Payment/Audit Services, Transportation, Transportation Mgmt/Freight Mgmt

Carriers make money from retailers in many not-so-obvious ways. The key is learning insider secrets to save big on transportation spend. With freight costs and transportation complexity increasing, comprehensive and accurate visibility to shipping spend remains of paramount importance. This whitepaper reveals the secrets.

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Building Environmentally Responsible Supply Chains

Listed in: 3PL, Sustainability

A company's environmental and sustainability policies strongly influence consumer perception. Environmentally responsible supply chains not only have the potential to sway brand loyalty, but to simultaneously reduce carbon footprint and bottom-line costs through improved efficiency. Download NFI’s whitepaper to learn how sustainable technological improvements and management best practices can help you in transportation and freight management; warehousing and distribution; and property design and construction.

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Choosing a 3PL for Food Product Distribution: 5 Critical Areas to Evaluate

Listed in: 3PL, Temperature-Controlled Shipping, Transportation

You know the perils of food logistics. Let your guard down, and a truckload of perishables turns into an unsellable mess. Or you get stuck with racks full of canned goods nearing their sell-by date. The right third-party logistics provider can help you avoid those pitfalls, while cutting costs and keeping you compliant with relevant government regulations. How do you know which 3PL to trust with your food shipments? Download this free whitepaper to discover the five essential questions every food shipper should ask.

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Mobile Shopping Cliffhanger: Consumers Identify Big Gaps in Retail Shopping Apps

Listed in: Logistics IT, Retail Logistics

New research reveals that consumers are adopting mobile shopping at an impressive rate, but a looming problem exists. A surprising percentage of consumers report struggling with mobile shopping apps. When consumers struggle, 51 percent abandon the shopping cart and leave the app; 20 percent leave the app entirely and never return. Don't leave your mobile shopping customers hanging. Read this free report and find out how you can increase revenue, reduce operating costs, and elevate net promoter scores.

Disruptive Logistics: The New Frontier for e-Commerce

Listed in: 3PL, Logistics IT, Retail Logistics

E-commerce continues to push delivery logistics in new directions. E-tailers of all sizes are looking to “disruptive logistics” – a combination of delivery speed and innovation – as a way to add value, separate themselves from the pack, and keep the customer under their banner throughout the entire shopping process. As a result of these moves, formerly well-defined borders between e-tailing and logistics are dissolving, shifting the entire e-commerce ecosystem in new ways that will impact all businesses in the space. This whitepaper analyzes recent trends in e-commerce logistics and presents strategies for e-tail giants, small and mid-sized companies, and third-party logistics providers.

Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Reform Analysis

Listed in: Global Logistics, Global Trade

The Chinese government recently established the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone (PFTZ) in order to facilitate trade, ease market restrictions on a range of previously banned industries, and simplify China's complex trade regulations. Download this whitepaper to learn how you can take advantage of the PFTZ to streamline the import process and reduce the cost of transporting goods.

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