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Transportation Trends and Insights

Listed in:

Each month, Penske publishes Transportation Insights--articles designed to inform and enlighten those in the transportation industry. Our downloadable e-book is a collection of some of our best recent Insights, centered on the topics of talent shortage, driver health and well-being, and safety and compliance. Each piece features information from industry insiders or thought leaders, and offers relevant information on some of the key areas that impact your business the most.

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How to Reduce Chargebacks in Your Vendor Compliance Program

Listed in:

Retailer chargeback penalties for non-compliant shipments are a profit-draining reality for many consumer goods manufacturers. Companies with the will and the resources to prevent and refute chargebacks can avoid hundreds of thousands, even millions, in lost profit. This paper provides background on the origins and rationale for chargebacks, followed by a 7-step process for avoiding or overturning these costly penalties.

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Changing Metrics – and Mindsets – in the Warehouse

Listed in: Forklifts, Materials Handling, Warehousing

Forklift connectivity provides the visibility to manage fleets for greater safety and productivity, and is a key building block of the connected warehouse of the future. This three-part whitepaper series captures the technology adoption best practices Crown's team has observed and implemented in diverse materials handling applications. The purpose of the series is to help accelerate forklift fleet management adoption and prepare the industry for more complex technology initiatives.

Five Steps to Food Safety 

Listed in: Food Logistics

 The safety and quality of food have always been important. With recent reports of contamination on the rise, however, it is more vital than ever that food and pharmaceutical manufacturers are equipped with top-quality product inspection equipment. This whitepaper provides food and pharma companies with a five-point checklist to ensure optimal protection against foreign body contaminiation. Topics include understanding regulations, knowing your product, boosting risk awareness, optimizing productivity, and relying on the experts.

Understanding Chain of Responsibility in the Supply Chain 

Listed in: Transportation, Trucking

 With increasing traffic congestion, safety on the highways is of great public concern. Recent incidents involving heavy vehicles are influencing the legislative landscape across the world. Regulatory bodies recognize that responsibility for highway safety goes well beyond mere driver compliance to Hours of Service regulations, thus bringing forward the concept of Chain of Responsibility (CoR). This whitepaper explains CoR, how it has been implemented in other jurisdictions, how it may affect your business, and what you need to do to ensure you are prepared and protected.

The Five 'New Rules' of 3PL e-Commerce Fulfillment

Listed in: 3PL

Is your 3PL keeping up with the challenges of today's fast-paced e-Commerce marketplace? To ensure it is, we invite you to download our latest free whitepaper "The Five 'New Rules' of 3PL e-Commerce Fulfillment." Written by industry experts, our whitepaper was created to help you satisfy your customers, increase your sales, and master the process of e-Fulfillment. Download your free copy today!

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Common Myths About Dock Scheduling

Listed in:

The purpose of this whitepaper is to address some of the myths related to dock scheduling. Company visionaries, be they CEOs, warehouse supervisors, IT project managers, or continuous improvement team leaders, often face the challenge, among others, of breaking down myths. The articles included in this whitepaper have been assembled to help these leaders break down the myths related to dock scheduling.

Chemical Warehousing 101

Listed in: Chemical Logistics

Not all chemicals are hazardous, but those that are must adhere to specific storage requirements. If you are responsible for the storage and distribution of commercial chemicals, this paper serves as a primer on safe, compliant storage. This guide shares what determines classification, the requirements of hazardous materials and provides steps to assess the capabilities of a commercial warehousing partner.

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Visibility, Speed and Agility: How M2M is Redefining the Supply Chain and Transportation

Listed in: Supply Chain Mgmt/Optimization

Transportation and supply chain management are critical pillars of global commerce and are facing unprecedented challenges and change. The new and original information in this study sheds light on how executives at transportation and supply chain management companies use or plan to use technology to address these issues and more. Key findings in the survey data reveal that “operational visibility” – knowing where a shipment is and monitoring the environmental conditions in near real-time of cargo in-transit – is becoming a critical tool for the supply chain and the transportation industries.

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2015 Logistics Planner Cover

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2015 Logistics Planner

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Top 100 3PL Providers Cover

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Top 100 3PL Providers

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