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Ryder and Apple Valley Creamery: Big results for small business

Listed in:

We know small business owners wear many hats. Fleet manager should not be one of them. By collaborating with Ryder, Apple Valley Creamery got the backing of a large company, giving them reliable trucks they can count on to deliver their fresh products to customers. For a small business, having predictable costs with service you can count on gives you the confidence your customers’ demands will be met. Learn how this partnership give Apple Valley just that.

The 3PL Guide to Holiday Season Success

Listed in:

Is your warehouse ready for the 2016 Holiday Crunch? To make sure you are, download our latest FREE white paper, “The 3PL Guide to Holiday Season Success.” Written by industry experts, our guide details the five areas where we believe you can have the most impact before the holiday onslaught begins. Download your copy today!

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Ryder’s Partnership With Diaz Foods Helps Deliver Exponential Growth

Listed in:

Diaz Foods, a leading distributor of Hispanic products in the U.S., turned to Ryder and its Full Service Lease solution to operate the company’s growing commercial fleet. Ryder was also tapped to provide maintenance and fuel services, as well as safety training for its drivers, and substitute vehicles in the event of a breakdown.

Understanding Dock Scheduling

Listed in:

This white paper's objective is to help industry professionals understand the basics of dock scheduling, supported by real industry case studies. It will help you assess whether you need a dock scheduling system, identify your potential cost savings, determine where to start, and evaluate which solution is best for your business. You will also find a comparative table for an easy comparison between different types of dock scheduling systems versus their criteria and benefits.

Examination of an Inbound Web Portal

Listed in:

Regardless of the size of a business, everyone is looking to save money and streamline processes. However, often companies overlook the cost of their supply chain, particularly their inbound transportation. Inbound web portals have the ability to bring several companies together in one place to share accurate and necessary information and provide an opportunity for business-to-business growth. Overall, each component of the supply chain—whether it is customers, 3PL providers, carriers or vendors—can reap the rewards of reduced costs, advanced visibility, improved reliability and increased savings.

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Global Forwarding: Biggest, Fastest Savings

Listed in:

It’s mission critical to optimize efficiencies and savings while moving freight around the world. Where can you get the biggest savings in international shipping with the least effort? Start here, by reading this new white paper detailing: How to get more use out of available space with cargo consolidation; How to estimate exposure and manage cargo risk; Why understanding Incoterms®, free trade agreements, and ACE may lead to savings and efficiency improvements, and more.

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Guide to Creating a Customer Centric Supply Chain

Listed in:

We’ve entered a new age – the age of the empowered consumer. In this environment, there are new expectations and operational requirements of enterprise businesses that deliver – such as package and parcel services and restaurant chains – that must be met in order to stay competitive. Creating a Customer Centric Supply chain can be a tricky thing; while each business has its own operational needs, there are a few concepts that are relatively universal.

Should Your E-Commerce Website Offer Free Shipping?

Listed in: 3PL, Retail Logistics

As much as people enjoy the convenience of being able to shop online, most don't want to wait long or spend much to get their goods delivered. Amazon and other big box retailers have created an environment where free, quick shipping is now the norm. Shipping is a factor for any online retailer, and approaching it in the wrong way may end up costing you.

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