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Safety in Logistics Operations

Listed in:

In logistics, the commitment to safety is too often like the half-hearted embrace we give an older aunt we occasionally see at family gatherings. We do it because we have to and it’s expected. But we’re not giving safety the full-on bear-hug it deserves. This eBook examines safety investments from an ROI perspective, and then offers up 4 strategies to improve safety performance in your logistics operation.

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The Five New Rules for Smart Omni-Channel Fulfillment

Listed in:

The staggering growth of e-Commerce and on-going shift to B2C fulfillment are changing the game throughout the 3PL industry. For those looking to profit from the new opportunities emerging in this environment, we invite you to download our latest e-Book The Five New Rules for Smart Omni-Channel Fulfillment. Download your free copy now.

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Improving E-Commerce Fulfillment Through Business Integration

Listed in:

Business integration plays a key role in preparing fulfillment operations for efficiently handling e-commerce orders — far ahead of the click and order confirmation. In this white paper, experts from the fields of retail, marketing and supply chain management discuss how an integrated approach to marketing and logistics can help organizations fully embrace e-commerce and increase profitability.

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New Supply Chain Technology Best Practices

Listed in:

The purpose of this paper is to provide the reader with information about five new innovative technologies that could greatly impact the supply chain: drones, 3-D printing, driverless vehicles, robotics, and wearable technology. The paper delves into the many benefits of each technology as well as some challenges and gives the reader a peek into an amazing future.

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Blueprint 2032: How Technology Transforms Ocean Container Shipping

Listed in: Logistics IT, Ocean

Digitization is rapidly transforming the ocean container shipping industry and the pace of technology innovation is accelerating as businesses seek new and more efficient ways to optimize, according to this new whitepaper. INTTRA sees three technology trends converging near term that will move the ocean container shipping industry forward: Network integration across systems, applications and partners; real-time status of containers and cargo; and artificial intelligence that will enable companies to transition from big data to more accessible business analytics that will suggest higher probability outcomes. INTTRA also outlines several actions that will prepare shippers for the future, including participation in industry-wide working groups to enable standardization; digitizing business processes; and investing in technology to reduce costs and identify new opportunities.

The Evolving Freight Forwarding Market (2017) 

Listed in: Freight Forwarding, Transportation

Digitization is the future for freight forwarders, according to the results of a survey conducted in April 2017 and based on 80 responses. This whitepaper details those results, including how the freight forwarding market is being redefined, critical pain points, what customers value most from their forwarders, market share changes, and more. Technology is leading the way for supply chains and forwarders have taken note: according to the survey, digitization is not a "nice to have" but a "need to have" for all supply chains.

Game Changer – Transportation Spend Intelligence

Listed in: Transportation

Best-in-class analytics can transform transportation cost data into an advantage for any company. Analytics can eliminate the pain involved with managing raw transportation data and converting it into actionable intelligence – reducing the time required to produce analyses or take action. But with such promise comes hype, making it difficult to distinguish between solutions.  In this whitepaper, you'll learn what a best-in-class transportation spend analytics solution should deliver.

Global Visibility Through a Network Control Tower

Listed in:

In an industry where many logistics providers claim to deliver global visibility, the service frequently delivers little value to the shipper and little else to distinguish the provider from the services rendered within a standard TMS. In this whitepaper, you’ll discover the process of implementing a control tower, its benefits and common pitfalls to avoid.

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