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Failure of Traditional LTL

Listed in: Trucking, Trucking-LTL

Our whitepaper covers the development of a unique consolidation system powered by Unyson technology to provide cost impact relief, tracking visibility, and service improvements.

Industry Market Barometer

Listed in: Education

The news for the general economy may be mixed, but for manufacturers it's all systems growth. ThomasNet's annual Industry Market Barometer survey shows an upward trajectory for manufacturers as they continue to lead the economy forward. Manufacturers are getting more business from existing markets, increasing production capacity, optimizing operations, and hiring and retraining staff. ThomasNet's latest research helps you stay one step ahead.

Dock Scheduling and the Retail Industry

Listed in: Distribution Center Management, Retail Logistics

Are you still making dock appointments with emails, paper calendars and spreadsheets? Then check out this free eBook, which explains the benefits of using a dock scheduling system to cut the time spent on scheduling, obtain better visibility via KPIs, and access reports to make operations more efficient.

Optimizing Your Supply Chain with Air Cargo

Listed in: Air Cargo

Air cargo can help optimize your global supply chain with speed to market and the best combination of service and price. This white paper explores how air cargo can provide quick response to market demands, the value of technology in air cargo services, and the benefits of air cargo in emerging markets.

Also from C.H. Robinson:
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Barcode Tracking Simplified for Make-to-Order Manufacturers 

Listed in: Logistics IT, Materials Handling

Make-to-order manufacturers typically make a limited number of basic products, but each one may have different options. If manufacturers assign a different part number to each product made – which may have many different dimensions, colors, or other options – then they can end up with many thousands of part numbers. This whitepaper explores an alternative approach: To assign a smaller number of "product line" part numbers, and then to track attributes such as width, length, color and other options on an item or container basis. This not only makes it easier to track raw, work-in-process and finished goods inventory, but also makes it easier to do cost comparisons for like jobs and to integrate with ERP and accounting systems. 



Doing More with Less: Yard and Dock Management from an ROI Perspective

Listed in: Logistics IT, Supply Chain Mgmt/Optimization, Yard Management

This whitepaper provides an important analysis for anyone faced with logistics challenges – high operational and labor costs, inefficient processes, security and more – in the yard or at the dock. Download this report to learn how integrated yard and dock management systems can help warehouses, manufacturers, retailers and distribution centers do more with less, while realizing a return on investment in as few as 12 to 24 months.

SCM World Report: China Trade Management: Navigating Regulatory Complexity and Change

Listed in: Global Logistics, Global Trade

According to SCM World research, supply chain leaders view China as a premier growth opportunity, but many also considered the country too risky to do business in. SCM World’s new report digs a little deeper into the dynamics at play in China, the core capabilities for taking advantage of China growth opportunities, and how global trade management solutions can help organizations deal with an evolving China.

Labor Management Strategies in the Warehouse

Listed in: 3PL

Kane Is Able recently sponsored research with 252 logistics executives on the strategies they employ for managing labor in the distribution center. The results of that research are summarized in this report. Questions explored a range of issues, including use of technology, strategies to drive productivity, and use of third-party labor providers. The report, filled with charts and other data, allows you to compare your approach with your peers.

Work-in-Process Tracking of Materials with Different Widths and Lengths

Listed in: Barcode/RFID, Materials Handling

A big issue for many manufacturers is how to use bar codes to track materials with different lengths and widths. For example, a manufacturer may buy 10 sheets of material that measure 4 x 8 feet, then use 3.5 sheets to make a batch of products. They return the leftover 4 x 4 sheet to stock, and use it again on subsequent jobs. Over time, the manufacturer accumulates many off-cuts of different sizes. If a manufacturer assigns a separate part number to each size of the same material, then it quickly ends up with thousands of part numbers. Find the solution by downloading this free whitepaper today.

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2015 Logistics Planner Cover

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Top 100 Logistics IT Providers & Market Trends Cover

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Top 100 Logistics IT Providers & Market Trends

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Freight Transport in Alaska Cover

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Freight Transport in Alaska

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