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eBook: Three Must-Have Capabilities to Achieve Global Supply Chain Visibility

Listed in: Global Logistics, Supply Chain Visibility

Growing complexities, such as distance, culture, and time-zones, make it difficult to manage international supply chains and can jeopardize competition in the marketplace. This eBook identifies three key capabilities for attaining global supply chain visibility: quick access to global supply chain information, proactive supply chain alerts, and efficient collaboration with global trading partners.

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Turn Your Warehouse on its Head Improve Productivity, Quality and Safety from the Ground Up

Listed in: Warehousing

This white paper from the experts at Penske Logistics focuses on a bottom-up approach to successfully launching an effective labor management software program. It offers actionable steps for creating the right culture, phasing in the implementation and ensuring benchmarks are met. Additionally, it cites an industry success story and lists six steps to assessing the efficiency of your warehouse.

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ABCs of Parcel Sourcing

Listed in: parcel sourcing

An effective Parcel Request for Proposal (RFP) is a labor-intensive process that requires a sound methodology, market intelligence, and well-thought-out execution, capped off with solid negotiation skills. The proper development and execution of a Parcel RFP is extremely important in this era of continued focus on cost containment. To learn more read our white paper, The ABCs of Parcel Sourcing.

The Five Point Tune-Up For Your Warehouse

Listed in: Warehousing

Is your warehouse 100% prepared to seize the opportunities before it? To help ensure that it is, download our latest white paper "The Five Point Tune-Up for Your Warehouse." Written by industry professionals, our guide was specifically created to help you catapult your warehouse to unprecedented levels of performance and profitability. Download your FREE copy today!

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Aberdeen Group Report: Strategic Sourcing and Segmentation: Prescriptive Control Tower Approach

Listed in: Sourcing/Negotiations

Today, many companies are bypassing the store/DC and shipping straight to the end consumer, which can impact margins and profitability across the supply chain if not optimized. Download Aberdeen Group’s prescriptive control tower report to learn what leading companies are doing to reengineer inventory and fulfillment flows from source to end consumer, including a framework for strategic sourcing and segmentation.

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Think Like a Big Shipper

Listed in: Transportation

Are you a small or mid-size company that would like to achieve meaningful transportation cost savings like a big shipper? Do you need help developing and implementing strategies that deliver significant return on investment? Don't underestimate your ability to make impactful changes in your operation. Download our white paper now to learn how to realize savings like big shippers.

660 Minutes: How Improving Driver Efficiency Increases Capacity

Listed in: Transportation, Trucking

Recent industry research has found that since the July 2014 changes to Hours-of-Service, drivers spend an average of only 390 minutes (6.5 hours) of the 660 minutes of available driving time behind the wheel. There are many pressures acting upon capacity, and many upcoming regulations, which could inhibit driver hours. This whitepaper helps shippers and carriers attain a strong understanding of Hours-of-Service, and helps them pursue best practices for improved driver utilization.

Also from J.B. Hunt:
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Understanding New Food Labeling Regulations

Listed in: Food Logistics, Materials Handling

With the release of an overhaul to the BRC Issue 7 Food Safety guidelines, as well as further changes on the horizon for the EU and the United States, Mettler Toledo has compiled all the latest regulations in an easy-to-understand guide that goes through each set of regulations in detail. In addition to giving manufacturers a handy reference tool, this whitepaper also forecasts developments on the horizon, and recommends the best way to ensure compliance with labeling regulations moving forward.

Transportation in the Chain of Custody 

Listed in: Food Logistics, Transportation

Pest infestations while processed foods and raw commmodies are transported are more likely to increase during summer months, which can directly impact food quality and consumer health. Proper transportation of food items is often overlooked, and transportation directly impacts issues such as spoilage, pest infestation, packing integrity, and food quality. Download this free whitepaper to learn proper prevention methods, create a plan to predict pending problems, act swiftly when an issue does arise, have efficient routing systems in place, manage inventories to eliminate surplus, and prevent historical challenges.

Failure of Traditional LTL

Listed in: Trucking, Trucking-LTL

Our whitepaper covers the development of a unique consolidation system powered by Unyson technology to provide cost impact relief, tracking visibility, and service improvements.

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