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The New Landscape of Supply Chain Real Estate

Listed in: Real Estate, Site Selection

DHL Supply Chain conducted a series of qualitative interviews with senior supply chain professionals to discuss the trends that are re-shaping distribution real estate strategies. The key takeaway: A major shift is underway in how businesses deploy real estate to support their operating strategies. This research report discusses that shift, what is driving it, and how it impacts distribution networks and the way in which they are managed.

Recovering Lost Space, Time & Money with Dimensioning 

Listed in: Distribution Center Management, Warehousing

Warehouses, distributors, e-com fulfillment centers and shippers are looking for every edge. They're discovering that dimensioning their inbound and outbound streams maximizes warehouse capacity (20%+), increases operational efficiency (35%), and reduces material and shipping costs (9% or more). The bottom line: If you receive, store, pick, pack, ship, or transport, dimensioning is an easy way to save money. This guide will get you started.

Understanding Customs: Anti-Dumping and Countervailing

Listed in: Global Logistics, Global Trade

The current administration has made it clear that "dumping the exporting of goods and manufactured materials into the United States at below fair-trade value will not be tolerated." As a result, more importers will be caught with unwelcome tariffs that may double the cost of items imported. The responsibility for dumping tariffs will fall on the importer, so it's critical to partner with a logistics provider that has the resources, experience, and customs expertise to navigate these sometimes very tricky waters. Download this whitepaper to understand the subject, and determine your potential liability.

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2018 Size & Weight Guide

Listed in: Fleet Management, Trucking

Here's a free reference guide containing state-by-state listings of size and weight regulations. XTRA Lease annually produces this free guide to provide fleets with the most up-to-date resource material for managing size and weight legal limitations. In addition, the guide offers details for where to: register for fuel use tax and order International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) trip permits, register vehicles and order International Registration Plan (IRP) trip permits, register for Unified Carrier Registration Agreement (UCRA), get hazardous materials/waste permits, and get overweight, oversize permits. The guide provides contact information for state trucking associations and also includes a convenient quick reference chart for all states.

The 5 Proven Ways to Improve Your 3PL Warehouse Profitability

Listed in: 3PL, Warehousing

Ready to do a little spring cleaning of your warehouse? Then download 3PL Central's popular eBook "The 5 Proven Ways to Improve Your 3PL Warehouse Profitability." Our step-by-step guide will show you how you can improve your operations, evaluate your staffing – and add more to your overall bottom line. Download your FREE copy today.

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Hey Pallet Geeks! Which Pallet Type is Best for You?

Listed in:

This whitepaper discusses the functionality characteristics of two wood-based pallet types, but are made from distinctive processes. The pallets are compared for use in one-way shipping include; the innovative 48" x 40" Engineered Molded Wood pallet made with high heat and pressure and the established 48" x 40" GMA-Style pallet made from wood slats and nails. Learn how pallet strength, stiffness and other functionality characteristics impact supply chain efficiencies.

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Overcoming the Talent Gap in Transportation

Listed in:

Research suggests the potential for a truck driver shortage of 96,000 by 2020. While raising wages is often presented as a solution – at least until automated vehicles reach commercial viability – the challenge is complex and requires a multi-faceted approach that goes beyond higher wages and signing bonuses. In this paper DHL Supply Chain offers three solutions that can make a difference.

Is Your Business Falling Behind in the Parcel Shipping Race?

Listed in:

Fast and free shipping is the new normal in e-commerce, and Amazon continues to set the pace. How can you keep up? Find the answers in Pierbridge’s latest free e-book: “It Takes an Enterprise to Control Parcel Spending.” Download today to learn how Parcel TMS software can help your business control costs by:

  • Improving parcel planning with an enterprise software approach.
  • Shipping with total control.
  • Utilizing advanced analytics to normalize and store information to gain a complete picture of transportation activity.
  • and more.

4 Key Supply Chain Agility Benefits

Listed in:

Agility is King in today’s supply chain. Every function in your end-to-end supply chain flourishes when agility is present. Without it, you won’t be able to efficiently lower risk, respond to demand, or reduce costs. Easy concept in theory, but difficult to execute on a consistent basis. Download our eBook today to discover the 4 key benefits behind enabling supply chain agility and how it can be used to manage your global supply chain

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