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Bridging the Gap: The Role of Retail 3PLs in the Journey to “Shopping Redefined”

Listed in:

Are you omni-channel ready? Learn why retail 3PLs are uniquely positioned to help retailers bridge the gap to an omni-channel shopping environment with their expertise in these key capabilities: inventory visibility; optimized fulfillment; and perfect packing.

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7 Critical Mistakes Shippers Make When Negotiating Transportation and Logistics Contracts

Listed in:

Master the fine art of negotiating transportation and logistics contracts. Download this whitepaper to learn the seven critical mistakes shippers make and how to avoid them. Do it right and you can create a strong strategic alliance that will yield financial rewards and exceptional service and support for the long term.

State of the Global Supply Chain

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Manufacturers expect major supply chain challenges and risks in 2016 stemming from external factors. While meeting rapid-fire customer demand is deemed a priority, this study of manufacturing executives suggests their execution roadmaps are misguided, focused more on cost cutting than strategy. In fact, 76% of manufacturers operate without a Chief Supply Chain Officer. With almost half of manufacturers reporting a disruption that impacted business in the past 12 months, this gap in strategic direction to address broader supply chain agility is a major concern.

Cloud or Licensed Supply Chain IT Systems – Which is Right for You?

Listed in:

As we rely more and more on global visibility into supply chain operations, whether across carriers, modes, or continents, cloud-based SaaS applications will become the standard. Can you trust cloud-based supply chain systems?  This whitepaper compares and contrasts SaaS versus licensed supply chain IT systems offering benchmarks related to cost and security while also exploring functionality, features and vendor Selection advice.

How Consumer Goods Manufacturers Can Create a More Profitable Supply Chain Through Collaboration

Listed in:

It’s shocking how little true collaboration occurs between retailers and suppliers – despite clear evidence that such collaboration promotes a more profitable retail supply chain. Recent research with logistics executives at both retailers and CPG manufacturers has uncovered the top areas of misalignment. A free report summarizes results of this research and suggests initiatives you must consider to deliver more profit for your company.

Electronic Logging Device Impact

Listed in:

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) passed a regulation in December 2015 that requires all commercial trucks and buses manufactured after 2000 to be equipped with an electronic logging device (ELD). An estimated three million drivers who currently use paper logs will have to convert to a digital log. This may affect HOS compliance and carrier capacity. This executive briefing offers more information about this mandate and how it affects the industry.

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Quiet Revolution: Convergence and the Future Automotive Supply Chain

Listed in: Logistics IT

The century-old way of doing business in the automotive industry is now over. The industry is facing a revolutionary convergence with the technology sector that will transform how it manages its supply chain operations. This whitepaper reveals that the increasingly high-tech composition of vehicles, driven by growing consumer expectation of product innovation, is propelling this convergence between the two industries. Download your free copy for additional details.

The Engagement Stack 

Listed in:

This extensive whitepaper looks at how brands can effectively utilize their data and technology to engage with customers. The author, Dr. Phil Hendrix, managing director at immr, delves into the seven characteristics that distinguish masters of engagement; case studies with Starbucks, Patagonia and Sephora; and much more. Hendrix also examines the "regret test" by asking: "If your company disappeared today, would anyone really care in six months? Would you be sincerely missed and difficult to replace or would your customers move on to the next thing? Download this free resource to identify how your company can become a "master of engagement."

Considerations for Complying With the ELD Mandate

Listed in: Transportation, Trucking

Learn how to get the most return on investment from your fleet while also abiding by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's new mandate requiring the use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) to log drivers' record of duty status. This whitepaper explores what the mandate entails, and the features and functions of ELDs. It also includes advice on how to successfully implement these devices into your existing systems. 

8 Principles of Supply Chain Risk Management

Listed in: Supply Chain Mgmt/Optimization

It is impossible to completely eliminate risk from your supply chain, but you can minimize exposure to risk with careful planning, tools, and processes to anticipate and manage risk more effectively. This free whitepaper is an accumulation of experiences documented to help guide companies as they mature their supply chain risk management program and make changes to proactively respond to and minimize the impact of risk events. Download this whitepaper to gain new insights into supply chain risk management.

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