2023 3PL Technology Companies

2023 3PL Technology Companies

Best-in-class technology solutions play leading roles at many third-party providers. Here are just a few of the many 3PLs offering technology with star power.

AFS Logistics

877-242-3383 | afs.net

The AFSmart Technology Suite empowers shippers and carriers to automate a range of everyday tasks and capture insight about freight, claims, payments, and more. The suite consists of a transportation management system that handles everything from creating quotes and bill of lading documents to confirming shipment information.

ALC Logistics

800-282-3246 | alclogistics.com

AlchemyTMS software simplifies the processes involved in managing transportation and supply chain networks. AlchemyTMS is hosted in a fully secured, SaaS/cloud architecture and backed by disaster recovery systems with 24/7 customer support. The software integrates with existing ERP, order entry, financial, and other third-party systems to provide visibility and accountability.

Echo Global Logistics

800-354-7993| echo.com

EchoShip combines best-in-class technology and instant buying power with access to Echo’s extensive LTL and truckload carrier network. The EchoShip web portal simplifies transportation management, providing the ability to easily quote, book, ship, track, and manage invoices. With access to Echo’s LTL carrier network and more than 50,000 truckload carriers, EchoShip gives shippers the flexibility to leverage rates and find the lowest cost option that best fits their needs.

Geodis Logistics

877-401-6400 | geodis.com/us

Geodis eLogistics is a digitally centered, scalable, ecommerce distribution and fulfillment solution for brands ranging from emerging through enterprise. The solution provides transparent billing, instant visibility, and interactive tools to collaboratively manage orders, inventory, returns, and more.

Johanson Transportation Service

800-742-2053 | johansontrans.com

Arriviture for Shippers is designed for speed, efficiency, and transparency to provide real-time updates on LTL, truckload and rail intermodal freight progress, plus tracking for international shipments. Arriviture shippers manage freight throughout the entire logistics process from start to finish, in the cloud.

Odyssey Logistics & Technology

855-875-0681 | odysseylogistics.com

The Odyssey Global Logistics Platform is a comprehensive, web-based global transportation management solution designed to manage day-to-day transactional logistics processes and to refine inter- and intra-enterprise movement of products. The platform delivers shipment optimization to help reduce CO2 emissions, and automated carrier and logistics service provider booking and tendering. It also provides shipment visibility and logs carrier performance as shipment transactions take place.


317-240-4100 | protrans.com

The Optimiz technology suite allows shippers to see and control everything from data mining to delivery. Because of Protrans’ massive volume of data and analysis, it is able to predict and plan movements with pinpoint detail. The technology helps decrease disruptions, increase visibility, optimize utilization, and strengthen communication.

Rinchem Company

888-375-2436 | rinchem.com

Chem-Star is a warehousing and transportation management system that enables inventory visibility across Rinchem’s network of warehouses. Chem-Star also utilizes GPS tracking for Rinchem’s customized, over-the-road fleet to ensure visibility of shipper loads. Chem-Star is available to customers 24/7 through a secured web-based interface that offers many different real-time inventory queries and reports. Rinchem also employs radio frequency technology to improve warehouse receiving, picking speed, and accuracy.


844- PICK RXO | rxo.com

RXO combines machine learning and artificial intelligence with billions of data points so shippers can make smart shipping decisions. The RXO platform provides a bird’s-eye view of carrier availability for current and future dates, with intelligence about market conditions.

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