2024 Top 100 Logistics & Supply Chain Technology Providers

2024 Top 100 Logistics & Supply Chain Technology Providers

The Inbound Logistics editors selected the Top 100 Logistics & Supply Chain Technology Providers—companies offering the innovations their customers need to optimize and streamline supply chain operations.

A3 Freight Payment

www.a3freightpayment.com | 901-759-2966

OVERVIEW: Customized transportation spend management solutions that provide in-depth insight to help companies manage their businesses and boost performance.
SOLUTIONS: Global freight payment, spend analytics, business intelligence, claims management, contract negotiations.

Aera Technology

www.aeratechnology.com | 408-524-2222

PRODUCTS: Aera Decision Cloud
OVERVIEW: Decision intelligence solution for decision automation. Combines AI, automation, data, and analytics to enable fast, accurate decisions across the enterprise. Uses real-time data to trigger logistics events, adapting logistics routes and modes to balance sustainability, cost, and service needs, and predicting potential stockouts.
SOLUTIONS: Shipping optimization, stockout prediction and prevention, warehouse capacity management, logistics event management.


www.agistix.com | 888-244-7849

OVERVIEW: SaaS platform that supports global shipment visibility and execution across all carriers and modes, regardless of how or where the shipment was created. Supports Fortune 500 shippers and suppliers across industries to provide a single place to monitor, manage, and measure supplier chain performance – order fulfillment, routing compliance, carrier on-time performance, and freight audit and payment.
SOLUTIONS: Visibility, TMS, microsites, order management, dispatch and driver management.

ALC Logistics

www.alclogistics.com | 800-775-0354

OVERVIEW: Web-based transportation management system designed to meet transportation software needs. Used by growers, manufacturers, producers, distributors, retailers, and other shippers and receivers across North America. Designed to help address challenges by simplifying the processes involved in managing transportation and supply chain networks.
SOLUTIONS: Enterprise TMS, dock scheduling, LTL portal, freight audit, load tracking.

Argos Software

www.argosoftware.com | 1-888-253-5353

OVERVIEW: All-in-one flexible, modular business management software that offers the functionality of an ERP solution at a lower cost. Suited for companies in 3PL, transportation, agriculture, field service, and utility industries, and for small- and medium-sized businesses selling to other companies.
SOLUTIONS: Warehouse management system, transportation management system, agribusiness management system, full accounting suite, full EDI and API capabilities.


arkieva.com |1-877-722-7627

OVERVIEW: Leverages the power of supply chain planning technologies to enable businesses to run at peak performance. Simple, intuitive solutions with data-driven analytics to inform strategic and tactical supply chain planning decisions. Drives business transformation and boosts agility, efficiency, forecast accuracy and plant utilization, while reducing variable costs.
SOLUTIONS: Demand planning, inventory planning, supply planning, finite scheduling, financial planning.

ARTC Logistics

artc-logistics.com | 212-736-8565 ext 3045

PRODUCTS: CalcRate, CalcBOL, CalcPak, CalcRoute
OVERVIEW: A suite of software products that streamlines shipping, reduces freight costs, and provides data for process improvement. Interfaces with many ERPs and warehouse management systems.
SOLUTIONS: Multimodal freight rating engine, consolidated bill of lading, pallet labels, vendor routing portal, small parcel manifesting, parcel labels, load consolidation, shipment optimization.

Banyan Technology

www.banyantechnology.com | 844-309-3911

OVERVIEW: Over-the-road shipping software platform can serve as a primary transportation management system or integrate into existing ERP, TMS and WMS systems, providing expanded carrier connectivity and real-time tracking. Suite of AI and business intelligence tools helps automate manual shipping processes and identify cost-saving opportunities through multi-mode rate comparison.
SOLUTIONS: TMS or API carrier connectivity capabilities, multi-mode freight execution for over-the-road shipping from a single screen, predictive pricing and automated freight audit solutions through AI and BI tools, carbon tracking and offsetting opportunities within one system, enhanced cross-border and intra-Mexico shipping visibility and management.

Blue Yonder

www.blueyonder.com | 480-308-3000

PRODUCT: Supply Chain Execution Solutions
OVERVIEW: Optimizes supply chain processes from planning through fulfillment, delivery and returns. AI-embedded, interoperable supply chain solutions are connected end-to-end via a unified platform and data cloud, enabling business to collaborate in real time across operational and logistics functions to support agile decision-making, improved customer satisfaction, profitable growth, and resilient, sustainable supply chains.
SOLUTIONS: WMS, TMS, warehouse execution system, labor management, yard management

C3 Solutions

www.c3solutions.com | 514-315-3139

PRODUCT: C3 Reservations, C3 Yard, C3 Hive
OVERVIEW: Cloud-based yard management and dock scheduling software.
SOLUTIONS: Web-based dock bookings, intuitive dock scheduling interface, improved gate throughput, visibility to trailers and shipments, increased yard driver and dock worker productivity, real-time communication with drivers, including driver self check-in.

Cadre Technologies

www.cadretech.com | 1-866-252-2373

PRODUCTS: Cadence WMS, Accuplus 3PL WMS, LogiView
OVERVIEW: Warehouse management solutions and supply chain visibility tools for distribution, manufacturing, 3PL, and 4PL logistics operations. Solutions can be installed on premise or hosted in the cloud.
SOLUTIONS: WMS, supply chain visibility and management.

Camelot 3PL Software

www.3plsoftware.com | 704-554-1670

PRODUCT: Excalibur Warehouse Management System
OVERVIEW: Software with a highly configurable user interface helps 3PLs optimize warehouse operations. Fully integrated solution connects to all major shopping carts and carrier systems.
SOLUTIONS: Warehouse management, transportation management, EDI/API systems integrations, mobile barcode scanning system, yard management.

Carrier Logistics

www.carrierlogistics.com | 914-332-0300

OVERVIEW: Technology solutions for LTL and small package carriers.
SOLUTIONS: TMS, location management for delivery and pick-up, automatic rate quote responses, automatic POD retrieval, automatic shipment tracking responses, automatic charges retrieval, appointment automation.


www.controlant.com | 354-517-0630

PRODUCT: Zero-touch release
OVERVIEW: Empowers pharmaceutical companies to reduce waste and ensure patient safety through real-time monitoring and visibility and digital transformation.
SOLUTIONS: Temperature excursion prevention and management, automation of the release process, customer service automation.

CT Logistics

www.ctlogistics.com | 216-267-2000, Ext. 2190

PRODUCTS: FreitRater, LION, FreitLion
OVERVIEW: Offerings include TMS, managed freight, bid management, benchmarking, peer group comparison and analysis, expert spend analytics. Software and service platforms can be delivered as outsourced, SaaS, BPaaS or licensed.
SOLUTIONS: TMS, rate management software, freight audit and payment, rate management software, managed freight, business intelligence.


ctsi-global.com | 888-836-5135

OVERVIEW: Global freight audit and payment solutions for shippers and 3PLs. Robust TMS and tech-driven consulting and application development.
SOLUTIONS: Global freight audit and payment solutions, TMS, load optimization, parcel management, control tower.

DAT Freight & Analytics

www.dat.com | 800-547-5417

OVERVIEW: The largest truckload freight marketplace in North America. Supplies market trends and data insights based on more than 400 million freight matches and a database of $150 billion in annual market transactions to shippers, transportation brokers, carriers, and industry analysts.
SOLUTIONS: Load board, freight factoring, tracking, fuel cards, analytics


www.data2logistics.com | 801-287-8444

PRODUCT: Data2InformBI+
OVERVIEW: Supplies data-driven supply chain solutions guided by advanced AI and machine learning technology.
SOLUTIONS: Global freight audit and payment processing, rate card management, real-time tracking and tracing, analytics utilizing the latest AI/machine learning technology, consulting services.

Datex Corporation

www.datexcorp.com | 727-571-4159

PRODUCT: Datex Footprint WMS, powered by Wavelength
OVERVIEW: WMS features for 3PL, distribution, cold storage and pharmaceutical warehousing. Robust billing functionality, along with native integration to critical business and supply chain solutions. Can be tailored for specific warehousing and logistics capabilities.
SOLUTIONS: 3PL solutions, pharma WMS for 3PLs, contract manufacturers and contract packagers, 3PL billing


www.ddcfpo.com | 303-674-0681

PRODUCTS: Auto-Extraction & Structuring, DDC Sync, IT Outsourcing, RPG Programming
OVERVIEW: Tech solutions that empower digital transformation.
SOLUTIONS: Real-time data extraction, data visibility, essential skills enabling organizations to migrate, maintain, enhance, and innovate their IBM i system without in-house recruitment and retention challenges.

Descartes Systems Group

www.descartes.com | 519-746-8110

OVERVIEW: On-demand, SaaS solutions to route, track and help improve the safety, performance and compliance of delivery resources; plan, allocate and execute shipments; rate, audit and pay transportation invoices; access global trade data; file customs and security documents for imports and exports; and complete numerous other logistics processes by participating in a collaborative multimodal logistics community. SOLUTIONS: Routing, mobile and telematics; transportation management; global trade intelligence; ecommerce shipping and fulfillment; broker and forwarder enterprise systems.


www.e2open.com | 866-432-6736

OVERVIEW: Connected supply chain platform powered by artificial intelligence, real-time data from a global network, and other applications to provide a single view encompassing channel, planning, global trade, logistics, and supply.
SOLUTIONS: Collaboration, planning, global trade, logistics, supply.


emergemarket.com | 888-736-7710

PRODUCT: Freight Procurement Platform
OVERVIEW: Provides direct capacity and live market conditions for spot and contract freight. A benchmarking feature lets shippers seamlessly adapt to market changes for spot and contract freight.
SOLUTIONS: Contract negotiation and execution, streamlined procurement, spot shipments and immediate bookings for spot freight, market benchmarking, carrier marketplace.


www.enveyo.com | 801-948-0727

PRODUCTS: Insights, Modeling, Cloudroute, Alerting, Audit
OVERVIEW: Cloud-based logistics optimization software that powers insights from planning, execution, tracking, and audit. Helps users deploy data to drive optimized logistics.
SOLUTIONS: 3PL billing and margin management, logistics analytics and business intelligence, parcel transportation management system, delivery experience management, freight audit and recovery.


envistacorp.com | 317-208-9100

PRODUCT: enCompass
OVERVIEW: SaaS- and cloud-based labor management application that improves operational cost effectiveness through real-time performance management, employee engagement and data analytics. Integrates with any warehouse management system and enables employee engagement and retention.
SOLUTIONS: Labor management.

Ehrhard Partner Group (EPG)

us.epg.com | 817- 755-1880

PRODUCTS: LFS, LYDIA Voice, Timesquare Control Tower, EPG ONE App
OVERVIEW: Supply chain execution software for smarter connected logistics. Tier I functionality includes a warehouse management system, warehouse control system, and automation, resource management, transportation management solution, advanced business intelligence analytics. Voice recognition solution interfaces with multiple WMS and ERP solutions.
SOLUTIONS: Voice picking, warehouse management, transportation management, analytics.


www.epicor.com | 215-337-1924

PRODUCTS: Epicor Eclipse, Epicor Prophet 21
OVERVIEW: Business software products for the manufacturing, distribution, retail and services industries. Enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and human capital management software for businesses in both SaaS and on-premises deployment models.
SOLUTIONS: ERP, business intelligence, warehouse automation, ecommerce, artificial intelligence.


www.ewms.com | 847-475-2710

OVERVIEW: Lightweight, flexible, customizable WMS software solution that can support huge multi-client, multi-facility warehouse operations or smaller single facility warehouse operators.
SOLUTIONS: WMS, inventory management, order management, EDI, full barcoding and labeling.


www.extensiv.com | 1-888-375-2368

PRODUCT: 3PL Warehouse Manager
OVERVIEW: Leverages a network of 1,500+ connected 3PLs and a suite of integrated, cloud-native WMS, OMS, IMS, and integration software to enable companies to fulfill demand anywhere with flexibility and scale.
SOLUTIONS: 3PL warehouse management systems, private warehouse management systems, order management systems, ecommerce integrations management, 4PL network management.


www.flow.space.com | 323-741-1325

OVERVIEW: Software platform and distribution network that powers independent, omnichannel fulfillment for ecommerce and retail merchants. Next-gen fulfillment software, running across a nationwide network of 150+ locations, powers fast, efficient fulfillment for companies selling physical products across digital storefronts, social commerce, and into retail stores.
SOLUTIONS: Network design, order management, inventory management, visibility suite, open platform connectivity.


fortigo.com | 512-372-8884

OVERVIEW: Automates, optimizes, and audits logistics decisions to help enterprises reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability. Closed-loop solutions fit seamlessly into established supply chain software and help optimize logistics processes.
SOLUTIONS: Transportation management system, freight audit and payment, trade compliance and customs audit, logistics consulting, closed-loop logistics solutions.


www.fortna.com | 770-475-0991

OVERVIEW: Automated and intelligent software solutions that optimize performance, address disruption and increase profitability.
SOLUTIONS: Central hub/ last-mile depot, cross docking and returns, ecommerce fulfillment, high-density storage, micro fulfillment, omnichannel fulfillment, packing and shipping, slotting, sortation.


fourkites.com | 888-466-6958

PRODUCT: Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility Platform
OVERVIEW: Combines real-time data and machine learning to help digitize end-to-end supply chains.
SOLUTIONS: Multimodal visibility (inbound, TL, LTL, parcel, rail, ocean, air), order visibility, yard management, appointment management, data connector.


freightgate.net | 714-799-2833

PRODUCT: Freightgate Cloud Solutions
OVERVIEW: Platform provides advanced dynamic rating, routing technology, and visibility tools, specifically designed to meet global trade demands.
SOLUTIONS: Contract rate management, dynamic routing quote automation, NetSuite/ERP/TMS integrations, visibility and control solutions.


freightsmith.net/ims | 720-593-8174

PRODUCTS: Digital inbound solutions
OVERVIEW: SaaS provider of modular supply chain solutions encompassing all receiving activities from driver check-in to driver release for receivers, shippers, drivers, and carriers. Provides visibility of inbound assets and allows full remote management of these assets.
SOLUTIONS: Inbound management system, scheduling software, driver check-in and payment app.

Gather AI


OVERVIEW: Autonomous, commodity drones and AI software to automate inventory monitoring for warehouse operators.
SOLUTIONS: Drone-powered warehouse inventory monitoring.

Generix Group

www.generixgroup.com | 855-938-4562

OVERVIEW: SaaS collaborative supply chain solutions that facilitate the exchange of goods and data worldwide. Digital services platform optimizes the management of physical flows, coordinating the entire supply process from production to delivery with WMS, TMS, RMS, and VMI solutions. Integrates logical and financial flows, connecting systems of all supply chain parties.
SOLUTIONS: Supply chain execution and visibility, multi-enterprise collaboration, WMS, EDI, VMI, TMS.


www.highway905.com | 908-874-4867

PRODUCTS: Highway 905 Warehouse Management System, Highway 905 Transportation Management System, Highway 905 Shipment Tracking and Alerts System and Highway 905 Shipment Tracking App
OVERVIEW: Supply chain execution solutions provider servicing large, small and mid-sized enterprise clients globally.
SOLUTIONS: Warehouse management system, transportation management system, shipment tracking and alert system, freight pay and audit system, labor management system.


www.infor.com | 646-336-1700

OVERVIEW: Business cloud software products for companies in industry specific markets. Technology puts the user experience first, leverages data science, and integrates easily into existing systems.
SOLUTIONS: Financials, human capital management, supply chain management, workforce management.

Inmar Post-Purchase Solutions | 800-765-1277

www.inmar.com | 800-765-1277

OVERVIEW: End-to-end returns solution that begins with digital returns initiation and concludes with intelligence-driven dispositioning of returns.
SOLUTIONS: End-to-end returns management; Inmar Returns Network (thousands of drop-off locations across the nation); in-store, self-service returns kiosks; returns liquidation and recommerce, supply chain performance analytics.

Intellect Technologies

www.intellecttech.com | 609-454-3170

PRODUCTS: Intellect eFreight, eWarehouse, eBrokerage, eCustoms, eShip
OVERVIEW: Provides an SaaS, customizable ERP solution for freight forwarders, customs brokers, NVOCCs, BCOs, warehouses, CFS, vessels, and equipment and cargo management. Users can select an all-in-one platform solution or stand-alone modules to meet specific administrative and operational IT requirements. Direct connectivity to carriers, customers, and important 3PL vendors via API/EDI.
SOLUTIONS: TMS, quotations, bookings, warehousing, transport orders.

Intelligent Audit

www.intelligentaudit.com | 201-880-1110

OVERVIEW: Data-driven technology, including machine learning and anomaly detection, provides real-time visibility into shipping data.
SOLUTIONS: Freight audit and recovery, real-time visibility, anomaly detection, business intelligence and analytics, logistics network optimization.


www.IntelliTrans.com | 800-603-9175

PRODUCT: IntelliTrans TMS, IntelliTrans YardRunner
OVERVIEW: SaaS-based TMS that provides seamless shipment execution and visibility across rail, truck, barge, and ocean. Enables complete, timely, and accurate data, allowing users to automate business processes, improve customer service, and reduce operational costs.
SOLUTIONS: TMS, global vendor managed inventory.

Jada Management Systems

www.jadaman.com | 503-744-0699

OVERVIEW: Software solution for forecasting, demand planning, and vendor managed inventory (VMI).
SOLUTIONS: Forecasting, demand planning, vendor managed inventory, reporting, integration, capacity planning.

John Galt Solutions

johngalt.com | 312-701-9026

PRODUCT: Atlas Planning Platform
OVERVIEW: End-to-end supply chain planning software solution with AI and machine learning for global businesses across industries to automate planning, break down business silos, and gain greater visibility.
SOLUTIONS: End-to-end supply chain planning, demand Planning, S&OP and inventory optimization, AI and machine learning, digital twins.



OVERVIEW: Execution software for shippers with truck yards, industrial rail shippers, ports and terminals, inland depots, carriers, ocean vessels, and repair shops. Turns manual processes into automated workflows. Layers visibility over the top for a complete view of all activities, assets, and their status. Data-as-a-service platform connects trading partners so they can plan effectively and accelerate throughput. save time, money, and effort while accelerating productivity.
SOLUTIONS: Yard management, transportation management, system repair management for railcars and chassis, terminal operating systems for marine ports and inland depots, data-as-a-service platform for execution and visibility.


www.kinaxis.com | 844-390-0322

PRODUCT: RapidResponse
OVERVIEW: Supply chain orchestration software that provides the agility and predictability needed to navigate volatility and disruption. Combines a concurrency technique with a human-centered approach to AI to empower businesses to manage their end-to-end supply chain network, from multi-year strategic planning through down-to-the-second execution and last-mile delivery.  
SOLUTIONS: Supply chain planning, sales and operations planning, demand planning, supply chain analytics and reporting, inventory management.


www.kleinschmidtinc.com | 847-945-1000

PRODUCTS: B2B integration solutions, FreightLaunch
OVERVIEW: Enables business-to-business messages and solves connectivity problems between supply chain trading partners.
SOLUTIONS: EDI integration, API integration, customs and trade compliance, designing & implementing data solutions

Koerber Supply Chain

www.koerber-supplychain-software.com | 800-328-3271

PRODUCTS: Koerber Supply Chain Software
OVERVIEW: Integrated software and technology solutions that provide planning, control, execution and monitoring functionality for high-performing logistics networks. SOLUTIONS: Warehouse management; robotics/autonomous mobile robots; order management system; freight bill, audit, and pay providers; warehouse modeling and simulation.


www.LOG-NET.com | 732-758-6800

OVERVIEW: Global order management, supplier management, inventory, visibility, transportation, freight, rate and payment solution that works as a standalone or as a single orchestrating platform to integrate and manage internal and external supply chain partners.
SOLUTIONS: Global multi-modal visibility, global order management, transportation management, freight management, rate management, carbon management.


www.logility.com | 800-762-5207

PRODUCT: Digital supply chain platform
OVERVIEW: Cloud-based platform for optimized demand, inventory, manufacturing, and supply plans. Leverages generative AI, advanced AI-driven algorithms, and machine learning to help deliver an integrated end-to-end supply chain.
SOLUTIONS: Demand planning, inventory optimization, supply planning, S&OP, network optimization.

Logistical Labs

www.logisticallabs.com | 312-999-9762

PRODUCTS: LoadDex, BidDex, RailDex
OVERVIEW: Suite of analytics products for collecting, analyzing, and deploying big data in the supply chain.
SOLUTIONS: Transportation cost visibility and management, carrier sourcing, pricing, integrations.

Logistics Plus

www.logisticsplus.com | 866-564-7587

OVERVIEW: Customized IT solutions incorporate off-the-shelf and proprietary technologies. Delivers multimodal TMS, order management, procurement, WMS, furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E) applications, and more through a cloud-based portal. Combined with BI and AI, these apps also support various global supply chain control towers.
SOLUTIONS: TMS; WMS; order management; business intelligence; furniture, fixtures & equipment (turnkey procurement and design to delivery).


www.logistiview.com | 877-797-8232

PRODUCT: FlowEP warehouse execution system
OVERVIEW: Warehouse execution platform for warehousing and manufacturing operations. Provides tools such as AI-automated work planning, flexible human and machine process orchestration, and workforce performance management to reduce cost and maximize throughput.
SOLUTIONS: Warehouse execution system, manufacturing execution system, labor management system, vision picking and sortation with augmented reality and smart glasses, multi-agent robotic orchestration system.

Logistix Solutions


OVERVIEW: On-demand supply chain network design and transportation optimization software solutions powered by AI and machine learning tools.
SOLUTIONS: Distribution network design, service level optimization, sourcing, product flow and inventory optimization, strategic sourcing and capacity planning, site selection, sustainability modeling, future scenario simulation, transportation management and optimization, truckload scheduling.


www.logiwa.com | 317-731-3203

PRODUCT: LOGIWA Fulfillment Management System
OVERVIEW: Cloud-based, AI-driven fulfillment management system for direct-to-consumer, business-to-business, and 3PL operations. Uses machine learning to optimize operations, introduce AI-directed task delegation and reduce picking locations.
SOLUTIONS: Warehouse management system, fulfillment management system


made4net.com | 800-646-1041

PRODUCT: WarehouseExpert WMS
OVERVIEW: Configurable and scalable warehouse management software. End-to-end supply chain execution platform offers integrated warehouse, yard, labor, dynamic routing, proof of delivery. and warehouse automation solutions.
SOLUTIONS: Warehouse management systems, labor management, routing management, last-mile proof of delivery, yard management.


magaya.com | 786-845-9150

PRODUCT: Magaya Digital Freight Platform
OVERVIEW: Data-driven logistics software platform that optimizes supply chain operations from origin to destination. Flexible, interoperable, and modular cloud-based solutions streamline processes and improve the customer experience.
SOLUTIONS: Shipping and WMS, customs compliance, rate management, digital freight customer portal, CRM for logistics providers.


magiclogic.com | 206-274-6248

PRODUCT: Cube-IQ, Cube-IQ Web, BlackBox
OVERVIEW: Load optimization software leverages advanced algorithms to maximize space utilization, reduce shipping costs, and improve operational efficiency.
SOLUTIONS: Load optimization.

Manhattan Associates

www.manh.com | 770-955-7070

OVERVIEW: Cloud and on-premises supply chain and omnichannel commerce technology that unites information across the enterprise, converging front-end sales with back-end supply chain execution.
SOLUTIONS: Omnichannel commerce, supply chain execution, supply chain planning, order management, demand forecasting, inventory allocation, warehouse management, yard management, transportation management.


www.mantis.group | 678-784-4015

PRODUCT: Logistics Vision Suite (LVS)
OVERVIEW: Warehouse management systems and logistics software and solutions that can be easily adapted for companies with sophisticated warehousing and distribution operations and automation.
SOLUTIONS: Warehouse management system, billing and cost management, value- added services, advanced slotting, warehouse control tower.

MercuryGate International

mercurygate.com | 919-469-8057

PRODUCT: Smart Transportation
OVERVIEW: Transportation and logistics management solutions for shippers, 3PLs, brokers and carriers. Software-as-a-Service product suite natively supports all transportation modes and segments. Uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and connected technologies to adapt and automate transportation management functions.
SOLUTIONS: Transportation management, shipment and order visibility, claims management, final mile, global sourcing and compliance.


modaltrans.com | 209-354-3621

OVERVIEW: TMS company that provides the logistics calendar for real-time shipment scheduling and monitoring.
SOLUTIONS: Full freight management features for supply chain logistics people (inbound or outbound), collaboration platform with vendors and logistics service providers, real-time visibility on all modes, invoice and customs auditing, visualized scheduling-shipment calendar.


www.netlogistik.com | 262-424-5745

PRODUCTS: Operations 360 Control Tower, Blue Yonder WMS, TMS, LMS OVERVIEW: Control tower solution that monitors what is happening within the supply chain. Strategic advisory and seamless deployments of the Blue Yonder logistics and distribution solutions, as well as other top-of-the-line supply chain technologies.
SOLUTIONS: Control tower, Blue Yonder WMS, Blue Yonder TMS, Blue Yonder labor management services, Blue Yonder Luminate Commerce.


www.nexterus.com | 800-937-8224

PRODUCT: Fusion Center TMS
OVERVIEW: Applies expertise and technology to manage and optimize global supply chains. Fusion Center, a proprietary software, enables shippers to eliminate manual processes and deliver customized reports.
SOLUTIONS: TMS, supply chain network optimization, warehousing on demand.

NorthStar Digital Solutions

northstardigital.solutions | 647-355-4027

PRODUCTS: FR8Focus Mobile
OVERVIEW: Optimized digital solutions for the LTL supply chain. Robotic processing automation and machine learning platforms automate document processing required to manage cross border customs releases, order entry, financial AP invoice matching posting processes and remote document imaging.
SOLUTIONS: Robotic process automation, machine learning intelligent document processing, mobile drivers applications, remote scanning, real-time freight tracking, electronic API, bills of lading integrations, integrated B2B connectivity between third party logistics providers and TMS systems, EDI integrations, blockchain smart contract processing integrated for client web portals.


www.nulogx.com | 1-877-9NULOGX

OVERVIEW: Hosted solution that supports all of the activities necessary to manage and execute the full lifecycle of the transportation process.
SOLUTIONS: Transportation management and optimization, ERP integration, track and trace, freight bill audit and payment.


nulogy.com | 416-992-8558

PRODUCT: Supplier Collaboration
OVERVIEW: Multi-enterprise collaboration platform that fosters collaboration and enhances connectivity, visibility, and agility between brands and their external supply chain partners.
SOLUTIONS: Supplier collaboration, shop floor solution, data solution, connect solution.

nVision Global

corporate.nvisionglobal.com | (770) 474-4122

PRODUCT: Global freight management solution
OVERVIEW: Full suite of logistics management applications that provide complete supply chain visibility. Business intelligence tools analyze data to help streamline logistics management processes and optimize the supply chain.
SOLUTIONS: Freight audit and payment, transportation management, claims, freight spend analytics.


www.optilogic.com | 734-666-0700

PRODUCT: Cosmic Frog
OVERVIEW: 100% SaaS-based supply chain design solution that enables the entire organization to quickly design future supply chains that balance cost, service, risk, and sustainability.
SOLUTIONS: Greenfield analysis/site selection, supply chain network optimization, cost-to-serve analysis, supply chain risk quantification, Inventory policies/rules management.


www.optioryx.com | (+32) 472 71 51 28

OVERVIEW: Leverages AI to help 3PLs, shippers, retailers and carriers pick, pack, and ship less air in boxes, in trucks, and on pallets. Optimization modules reduce the walking distance in warehouses. A mobile dimensioning app provides accurate dimensional data.
SOLUTIONS: Mobile dimensioning app, picking optimization, cartonization and palletization, truck load building.

Oracle NetSuite

www.netsuite.com | 877-638-7848

OVERVIEW: An integrated system that includes financials/enterprise resource planning, inventory management, HR, professional services automation and omnichannel commerce.
SOLUTIONS: Financial management, inventory management, global business management, enterprise performance management, order management, supply chain management, warehouse management, procurement.

PCS Software

pcssoft.com | 800-474-8241

PRODUCT: TMS for shippers and carriers
OVERVIEW: Comprehensive transportation management system acts as a control center to optimize routes, track shipments in real time, automate invoicing, and gain actionable insights.
SOLUTIONS: Transportation management system with fleet management, route optimization, freight audit and pay, full transportation reporting and analytics.

Princeton TMX

www.princetontmx.com | 800-435-4691

PRODUCT: Princeton TMX
OVERVIEW: Cloud-based, multi-modal transportation management system that fully automates transportation planning and execution. Helps manage transportation networks from order management, route and rate optimization, transportation sourcing and procurement, execution and monitoring, to freight audit and payment and data analytics. Users can manage truckload, LTL, rail and barge seamlessly on one platform.
SOLUTIONS: Transportation management system, optimization, procurement, data management and analytics.


www.provisionai.com | 615-791-0865

PRODUCTS: LevelLoad, AutoO2
OVERVIEW: Platform translates the supply chain “plan” into executable missions that smooth deployment, match loads to demand, and respect all supply chain constraints. A 3D load optimization solution fills trucks fuller so fewer trucks are needed.
SOLUTIONS: Replenishment scheduling and planning, 3D load optimization.


www.RateLinx.com | 920-229-5022

OVERVIEW: Enterprise-quality transportation management system for multi-carrier parcel and freight. Plan and execute shipments easier, faster, and smarter. Unlimited integrations, transactions, and carriers across all modes to achieve cost savings.
SOLUTIONS: TMS, freight audit and payment.


www.reveelgroup.com | 877-842-9443

PRODUCT: Reveel Shipping Intelligence Platform
OVERVIEW: Shipping intelligence platform that leverages machine learning to provide actionable insights that, once implemented, can make shipping operations more efficient, effective, and less costly, while improving the ability to work with parcel carriers to craft the most optimal agreement.
SOLUTIONS: Parcel shipping analytics, contract management, parcel audit and recovery, finance automation, modeling and simulation.


www.sap.com | 800-872-1727

PRODUCT: Supply chain logistics management solutions
OVERVIEW: Solutions connect processes, contextualize decisions using AI, collaborate with the supply chain ecosystem to gain visibility into partner capabilities and pivot quickly when things change.
SOLUTIONS: Extended warehouse management, transportation management, yard logistics, business network freight collaboration, business network global track and trace.


www.shippersedge.com | 888-237-2465

PRODUCT: ShippersEdge TMS
OVERVIEW: Transportation management that provides first-mile to last-mile solutions across all modes for manufacturers and distributors of all sizes.
SOLUTIONS: TMS, dock scheduler, last-mile delivery, supplier/PO manager, freight bill audit and management.



PRODUCT: Slync Logistics Orchestration Platform
OVERVIEW: Platform designed to handle large trade volumes and eliminate manual shipping processes. Uses algorithms and large language models to scour data being generated across the supply chain and then unifies it into a workflow applications suite.
SOLUTIONS: Carrier management, ocean booking, inventory management, air freight management.


www.smc3.com | 800-845-8090

PRODUCTS: CzarLite, RateWare XL, CarrierConnect XL, Bid$ense, LTL APIs
OVERVIEW: Less than truckload (LTL) and truckload data and solutions provider. Service providers and freight-payment companies use the sophisticated LTL base rates, content, and LTL and truckload bidding and planning tools to help make the best business decisions.


www.softeon.com | 1-855-softeon

PRODUCTS: Softeon Warehouse Management System, Warehouse Execution System, Distributed Order Management System
OVERVIEW: Broad suite of supply chain solutions provided on a single, integrated services-based technology platform and focused on optimizing warehouse and fulfillment operations.
SOLUTIONS: Warehouse execution, warehouse management, distributed order management.


spherewms.com | 818-678-2601

OVERVIEW: Cloud-based warehouse management system provides real-time insights and accurate counts through a mobile app.
SOLUTIONS: Warehouse management software

SPS Commerce

www.spscommerce.com | 866-245-8100

OVERVIEW: Provides 3PL partners a solution that enables efficient operational capabilities that make it possible to meet the demands and expectations of all channels, customers, and end consumers. Prescribes and establishes a single, intelligent connection enabling the automated exchange of data providing critical information to pack, label and ship orders on time.
SOLUTIONS: Customer onboarding (data automation, order normalization); GS1-128/UCC-128 labels and packing slips; 3PL customer portal for item, order, and shipping information; flexible reporting and enhanced visibility, partner and system integrations.


www.symphonyai.com | 972-370-5810

PRODUCTS: Forecasting and Replenishment, Supply Chain Optimization, Warehouse Management, Master Data Management
OVERVIEW: AI-powered supply chain solutions enable better forecasting, collaboration, and decision-making for retailers. Reduces manual intervention, food waste, and inventory and markdowns.
SOLUTIONS: Forecasting and replenishment, supply chain optimization, warehouse management, master data management, store operations and mobility.

Synergy Logistics

www.snapfulfil.com |720-372-1250

PRODUCTS: SnapFulfil, SnapControl
OVERVIEW: A tier 1, cloud-based warehouse management system uses a proprietary and configurable workflow rules engine that can swiftly adapt to meet evolving fulfillment demands. A multi-agent orchestration platform seamlessly orchestrates all warehouse devices and robots.
SOLUTIONS: Warehouse management system, inventory management, multi-agent orchestration.


www.tecsys.com | 800-922-8649

OVERVIEW: Serves healthcare, distribution and converging commerce industries. Delivers warehouse management, distribution and transportation management, supply management at point of use, and retail order management, as well as complete financial management and analytics solutions.
SOLUTIONS: WMS, ERP, order management system, transportation management system, POU.


www.tive.com | 617-631-8483

PRODUCTS: Solo 5G shipment trackers
OVERVIEW: Supply chain and logistics visibility technology. Monitors shipment location and condition in real time. Cloud platform, sensor technology, and 24/7 live monitoring services.
SOLUTIONS: shipment location and conditions tracking, temperature logger for temperature-sensitive shipments, live monitoring services.



PRODUCTS: SO99+, JustEnough
OVERVIEW: AI-powered retail and supply chain planning suites for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. Enables demand forecasts, inventory optimization, and service level improvements.
SOLUTIONS: Demand forecasting and planning, Inventory optimization, merchandise financial planning, replenishment, assortment planning, demand sensing, allocation and replenishment, production and capacity planning.

TOPS Software Corporation

topseng.com | 972-739-8677

PRODUCT: Maxload Pro
OVERVIEW: Software optimizes cargo load plans and minimizes freight. Various implementations include server-client, web application, high-volume black box server, and API web service. Can be fully integrated into ERP, WMS, and other solutions.
SOLUTIONS: API web service.


Transervice Integrated Solutions (TIS)

shiptis.com | 844-744-7847

OVERVIEW: With a combination of expertise in both logistics and technology, Transervice Integrated Solutions built a proprietary and cloud-based Transportation Management System. This secure platform is EDI and API ready for both our clients and vendors. As a division of Transervice Logistics, we also use this technology to match our client’s freight with backhaul opportunities on our dedicated fleets.
SOLUTIONS: We provide truckload and less-than-truckload service across the United States and Canada, powered by our technology.

Transport Pro

www.transportpro.net | 615-823-1937

PRODUCT: Transport Pro
OVERVIEW: TMS technology connects asset-based trucking companies, freight brokers, and shippers, allowing seamless freight management between all parties. In addition to traditional TMS management, the system leverages AI for automatically entering shipments, automated document management for billing, and corporate reporting. SOLUTIONS: Transportation management system, load planning and management, billing and accounting, paperwork processing, safety and compliance.


www.TransportGistics.com | 631-567-4100

PRODUCTS: TGI-TMS, RoutingGuides.com, TGI-Bid, TGI-POManagement, TGI-LandedCostRater, InsourceAudit
OVERVIEW: Simple, incremental software solutions for transportation management and logistics functions within the supply chain. Portfolio of solutions, for both small and large companies, designed to improve compliance, reduce transportation costs, and drive intelligent procurement processes.
SOLUTIONS: Vendor compliance and management, transportation management, procurement, rate comparison.


truecommerce.com | 888-430-4489

PRODUCTS: EDI platform and global commerce network
OVERVIEW: EDI solutions to make the exchange of order fulfillment more efficient and error-free. Global, integration-agnostic trading network with 180,000+ pre-configured trading partner maps, including major global retailers, distributors, and logistics service providers.
SOLUTIONS: EDI platform, global commerce network, vendor inventory management, electronic invoicing and tax compliance, supplier enablement.



PRODUCT: TrusTrace Supply Chain Traceability Platform
OVERVIEW: TrusTrace is a traceability and compliance data platform for apparel, footwear and textile brands, enabling them to access verified, granular data on how and where their products have been made. By automatically mapping and collecting evidence on supply chains for each purchase order and shipment, brands can access primary data for their products and supplier networks. This can be used for supply chain due diligence, discovering and managing risk, proving regulatory compliance, and helping suppliers improve social and environmental performance.
SOLUTIONS: Sustainable supplier management, supply chain mapping, purchase order tracing and evidence collection, due diligence and risk management, regulatory compliance”

Two Boxes

www.twoboxes.com | 416-569-9298

PRODUCT: Two Boxes
OVERVIEW: Technology that enables 3PLs and merchants to improve in-warehouse return operations through data, making returns more efficient, intelligent, and profitable.
SOLUTIONS: Reverse logistics technology, returns data, returns visibility, processing times, back-to-stock rates, VAS tracking and billing data.

U.S. Bank

usbank.com | 866-274-5898

PRODUCT: U.S. Bank Freight Payment
OVERVIEW: Through a comprehensive online freight payment solution, organizations can streamline and automate their freight audit and payment processes, enhance working capital, and obtain business intelligence.
SOLUTIONS: Online environment for shippers and carrier collaboration, analytics reporting and Power BI (business intelligence), 100% systemic pre-payment audit, data normalization, API connectivity/integration.

Uber Freight


OVERVIEW: End-to-end enterprise suite of relational logistics to advance supply chains and move goods. Proprietary AI-optimized network provides data insights. Aligns shippers and carriers through dynamic capacity.
SOLUTIONS: Transportation and shipment management, quote comparisons, flat rate pricing, booking, live tracking.



PRODUCT: Ambient IoT Visibility Platform
OVERVIEW: Platform uses IoT pixels and battery-free Bluetooth smart tags to track in real time the location, temperature, moisture level, and carbon footprint of products or packages.
SOLUTIONS: End-to-end real-time product visibility, regulatory compliance, sustainability management, quality control, privacy and security.


www.yardview.com | 303-781-3430

OVERVIEW: Software features a complete set of yard management tools, features and functionality.
SOLUTIONS: Yard management software, dock scheduling, gate entry and exit control.