Advanced Optimization Techniques For Enhanced Solutions – Hub Group

Advanced Optimization Techniques For Enhanced Solutions – Hub Group

Hub Group’s technology improved efficiency in a leading retailer’s network, maximizing capacity in constrained markets.

The Challenge

As capacity constraints compress shippers’ margins across North America, a leading retailer was experiencing a challenging mix of poor network performance and surging rates stemming from a limited carrier pool.

This retailer manages thousands of locations within its network and realized that a long-term adjustment in purchasing strategies was too large of an undertaking to gain any instant benefit.

Needing immediate results, this retailer engaged Hub Group to develop an optimized solution that maximized the limited capacity in markets throughout its supply chain.

The Solution

Seeking a collaborative provider offering scalable, data-driven solutions, the retailer engaged Hub Group to deploy its advanced optimization and analytics technology to uncover an optimized solution.

Hub Group’s team went to work analyzing historical data and leveraging proprietary technology, implementing an efficient mix of less-than-truckload and partial truckload shipments that would maximize capacity in constrained markets.

These processes provided the lowest-cost solution based on a dynamic set of shipping rules and variables including lead time, requested delivery, and shipment size.

The result was notable transit improvements and maximized savings, leading the retailer to quickly expand this solution to five of their most important markets.

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