Aptitive Helps 3PL Derive Insights from Data with Real-Time Analytics Platform

Aptitive Helps 3PL Derive Insights from Data with Real-Time Analytics Platform

A Chicago-based 3PL turned to Aptitive to design a scalable data and analytics modernization platform. Aptitive delivered a solution that not only helped the provider, but their customers as well.

For 3PLs the need to easily access and analyze data is essential for making operational decisions, providing accurate (and profitable) quotes, and providing the reports their customers demand. The reality for most 3PLs is that data is often scattered in hundreds of systems throughout their organization. The result is a lack of visibility, poor quality analytics, and reports that are out of date by the time the executive team gets them.


Benefits of a Data Analytics Platform

This was the case for a Chicago-based 3PL provider. As a result of aggressive growth and acquisitions throughout the years, they had a large amount of data on their hands but struggled to get the insights they needed. The data-driven leadership knew this data held the promise of cost-saving operational improvements, more profitable quotes, and improved service, but they needed a partner to help them get there.

After meeting our data and analytics team and learning more about our experience in the space, they chose to partner with Aptitive to design and implement a scalable data and analytics modernization strategy.

Our Approach

The first step was to meet with technical and business leadership to understand their current technical infrastructure and how data would be used from a business perspective. Our team then created a strategy to build a centralized, real-time data analytics platform. This solution would:

  • Integrate systems and applications throughout the organization to provide a centralized access point for the data
  • Standardize the data with consistent terms to enable easier data analysis
  • Provide real-time, user friendly Tableau dashboards to help business users easily analyze the data they need when they need it
  • Lay the foundation for future growth and advanced analytics for more complex data

Throughout each phase of the program, we worked with technical and business stakeholders to ensure the solution would align with the needs of the organization including several functional areas such as IT, Operations, Finance, and Sales.

Once the data was centralized, we were able to focus on building real-time dashboards that have helped company leadership effectively identify and rally team efforts around areas of improvement and potential growth.

The Result

This success has not only helped our client, but is now also helping their customers. Based on the success and enthusiasm for their new data analytics platform, they began offering self-service business reporting services to their clients. The platform enabled more effective customer engagement, and also allowed them to monetize their data by offering analytics as a service.

If you’re struggling to drive the insights you need from your data, Aptitive can help! To learn how, visit aptitive.com/supply-chain-and-logistics/ to read more about our services, see case studies, and learn about our modern data platform quickstart.

Benefits of a Data Analytics Platform


Helps you analyze, predict, and improve metrics such as least-to-book time, inbound receiving time, and on-time performance


Helps you increase speed, accuracy, quality, and service


Uncovers cost saving opportunities in your supply chain, operations, or transportation


Gives you the answers you need about inventory availability, when you need them


Monitors warehouse and fleet assets to stop issues before they happen


Improves quotes, anticipates future needs, optimally allocates resources, and more


Reduces overhead and increases revenue. Measures and optimizes carrier matching, out-of-network shipping, routes, trailer utilization, and more.


Helps your customers help themselves by providing high-quality customer dashboards and reports. Embedded logistics reporting solutions take the burden off your team and give customers the data they need.

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