Bringing Order to Chaos: DDC FPO Unleashes the Power of Unstructured Data

Bringing Order to Chaos: DDC FPO Unleashes the Power of Unstructured Data

Powered by machine learning, the latest addition to DDC FPO’s technology suite swiftly cleanses and structures unstructured data into crucial insights.

The Challenge

In recent years, supply chain leaders have recognized the crucial role of innovating data collection and utilization. Despite notable technological advances, the logistics industry still predominantly generates unstructured data across its operations, estimated at 80 to 90%.

Leveraging unstructured data from freight documents, including bills of lading (BOLs), provides valuable insights for anticipating customer needs, streamlining operations, and mitigating risks.

Extracting customer behavior patterns allows proactive adjustments to offerings while identifying supply chain inefficiencies, enhancing overall efficiency, and reducing costs. Unstructured data analysis uncovers potential risks, enabling early identification for implementing preventive measures and contingency plans against delays or issues with specific suppliers.

However, dealing with unstructured data brings inherent challenges. The sheer volume, lack of standardization, and varied formats make processing complex. Extracting meaningful insights demands advanced analytics tools, often expensive and intricate.

Security concerns arise as unstructured data may contain sensitive information, necessitating stringent measures for compliance with privacy regulations. Logistics professionals face information overload and integration complexities. Data quality, accuracy, and regulatory compliance require a robust technological infrastructure.

This resource-intensive process demands a commitment to advanced analytics and staying updated on technological advancements.

The Solution

DDC’s Auto-Extraction & Structuring harnesses the power of automated machine learning to unleash the power of unstructured data contained in freight documents. The Auto-Extraction & Structuring platform swiftly transforms raw data from freight documents such as BOLs, applying client rules and transmitting structured information via APIs within seconds.

This solution, designed to improve operational agility, smoothly integrates with DDC’s technology suite, which includes the innovative mobile data capture application, DDC Sync. Together, they contribute to driving innovation in freight and logistics.

The benefits are profound, addressing the challenge of consolidating diverse data sources and providing superior service through proactive shipment routing and accurate invoicing. This innovative solution increases profitability by streamlining processes, reducing errors, and fostering continuous improvement through intelligent learning with each document processed. With 80-90% of data in the industry being unstructured, DDC FPO is committed to alleviating this burden for clients, ensuring optimized performance.

Auto-Extraction & Structuring facilitates quick access to clean data for making faster and better business decisions and creates a pathway to boost profitability by minimizing overhead costs.

With an industry focus on digitization and competitiveness, DDC’s Auto-Extraction & Structuring solution ensures structured information reaches TMS and accounting systems promptly. The platform’s intelligent learning capabilities allow for ongoing refinement, increasing processing speed without human intervention.

As DDC FPO propels enterprise innovation in freight and logistics, the emphasis on data and analytics remains central, reinforcing the company’s commitment to providing unmatched operational dexterity.

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