Caffeine Fix: Mug Maker Meets Brewing Demand

Caffeine Fix: Mug Maker Meets Brewing Demand

With their temperature-controlled mugs in high demand on a global scale, manufacturer Ember turned to SEKO Logistics to handle an influx of orders and help establish a supply chain.

Known for their innovative, temperature-controlled technology, Ember has transformed the everyday cup of coffee into an experience, by allowing the consumer to set and maintain their ideal drink temperature for up to three hours.

The Challenge

Ember’s new, innovative product was growing at a rapid pace—gaining extreme B2B and B2C popularity. With no fixed supply chain, the Ember team struggled to successfully carry out production and delivery schedules to meet the increasing demand. Their entire supply chain, from manufacturing to origin, to shipping and destination had too many parties involved. With the many variables of U.S. logistics, B2B sales, B2C sales, and a possible international expansion, Ember saw an immediate need for assistance.

The Solution

SEKO Logistics was named Ember’s Global logistics partner and they immediately began the process of centralizing all of Ember’s logistics operations within SEKO’s suite of services. From that moment on, any and all logistical issues were forwarded to the SEKO team; with service and reliability being a primary focus.

SEKO established a centralized distribution center at their Chino, California, facility for B2B operations and B2C fulfillment in the U.S.A. A dedicated account team was established to assist with local distribution and e-commerce fulfillment. Next, SEKO gained 100% responsibility for Global air and ocean freight from China, and established an Asia-Pacific Omni-Channel distribution center in Hong Kong to include B2B and B2C Cross-Border Solutions.

Utilizing SEKO’s suite of services, Ember has now gone live in 26 countries, as well as, Tmall—China’s biggest business-to-consumer online retail portal. With a goal of making every logistics decision calculated and effective, the manufacturer focuses on the total cost of ownership (TCO) and the value-justified cost (VJC) associated with utilizing a single 3PL.

As a true partner, the SEKO team constantly looks for ways to improve all U.S. and international operations on Ember’s behalf. SEKO Hong Kong serves as Ember’s Omni-Channel hub in which three parallel distribution centers fulfill all orders for Europe, Asia, and the U.K.

SEKO has given Ember the tools to continue to grow at a consistent, sustainable, and efficient rate. Better efficiency, a single point of contact, and service-based improvements aid in Ember’s stellar customer experience; while a single point of inventory view (SEKO 360 and Omni-Returns) allows for international collaboration and seamless integration.

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