Feature Stories

Spokane: Hub of the Inland Northwest

Looking for easy access to major U.S. markets? A gateway for international trade free of traffic snarls? Inexpensive utilities and real estate with plenty of room to expand logistics or manufacturing operations? Spokane is just what you’re looking for.

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Balancing Act: Matching Supply to Demand

Three companies at different stages of demand-driven sophistication use greater visibility, automated data flow, and real-time alerts to preserve the delicate balance between suppliers and customers.

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TMS Under the Microscope

Companies take a closer look at technology solutions to discover the secret of optimizing transportation operations.

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IT Perspectives 2008

Global supply chains are only as flexible as the technology that exists to support them—and thanks to an emerging class of logistics IT providers, and a new breed of sophisticated solutions, there are plenty of options to help enterprises respond more quickly and efficiently to shifting market dynamics.

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Study Highlights Strategic Role for Logistics (Online Exclusive)

For all the operational advances that have been achieved in chemical logistics in the past few years, and for all the savings that have been realized by producers and shippers, large opportunities for gaining efficiency and saving money remain. The most important advance would be for logistics to be included in the strategic planning stages […]

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Congress Plans Changes to Chemical Regulations (Online Exclusive)

Within days of the January 2008 deadline for chemical producers and distributors to file their "top screen" hazard-assessment questionnaire to the Department of Homeland Security, a Congressional subcommittee approved legislation to further tighten handling, transportation, and reporting rules for hazardous materials. Chemical producers, distributors, and carriers responded with a quick and loud call for legislators […]

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