Feature Stories

Most Likely to Succeed

From an undergrad learning the fundamentals to a Ph.D candidate conducting groundbreaking research, meet the students pursuing supply chain education at all levels.

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Industry Snapshot: Electronics

Is the latest gadget a hit or just hype? Will that newfangled gizmo be cutting- edge for a year or obsolete in a month? Fickle buyers and unpredictable lifecycles can short-circuit the consumer electronics supply chain.

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The Evolution of Inbound Logistics–Inbound’s Early Adopters: Survival of the Fittest

For a few practitioners, the flow of transportation changed direction, going exactly the opposite way. Push mutated into pull. Soon after, Inbound Traffic Guide magazine materialized, recognizing the paradigm shift from traditional push-oriented ideas. Following demand signals, controlling inbound transportation, and targeting the needs of the stateside consignee were heretical concepts that defied prevailing business […]

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Dirty Jobs

It’s a job and somebody has to do it. Meet the guys who have stepped up to the task.

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Ask the Experts

Leading C-level execs* with 260 years of combined logistics and transportation experience address tough industry questions. Their advice, words of caution, and strategic vision can help you face the challenges of 2008 and beyond.

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