Feature Stories

Go Figure! Freight Payment Services Add Up

The cost-savings benefits of outsourcing freight bill payment and audit are well-documented. But it’s the decision-support data these third parties provide that delivers the real payoff.

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Welcome to The 3PL Zone

There is a dimension beyond that which is known. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between demand and supply, between strategy and tactics, and it lies somewhere between the pit of an enterprise’s fears and the summit of its visibility and knowledge.

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Outsourced Logistics: 4Ward Momentum

What is the real role of today’s 4PLs? How do they differ from 3PLs? Who’s driving the growth of this outsourced logistics niche? Inbound Logistics picks up the lead and explores the changing dynamics of the 4PL/LLP market.

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Inbound Logistics Market Insight Survey: 3PL Perspectives

IL’s annual 3PL Market Insight Survey offers a penetrating perspective into the market drivers governing 3PL growth strategies – in terms of operational scope, as well as the types of services and technologies logistics providers are investing in to meet outsourcers’ evolving needs.

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