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Supply Chain MythBusters

It’s a tough job separating supply chain truth from hype, but Inbound Logistics is here to serve. With a tip of our beret to the Discovery Channel show MythBusters, we set out to prove or bust three supply chain “myths’ currently circulating through the logistics industry.

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Global Sourcing Strategies: Pacific Rim Playbook

Sourcing components and raw materials from the Pacific Rim is no longer a cutting-edge logistics strategy; it has become commonplace. But that doesn’t make it any less complicated. “The cost efficiencies gained by sourcing in Asia and India lured many companies into overseas trade,” explains Jon Routledge, vice president international sales-express, DHL. “And they face […]

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Demand Calls, Mexico Responds

For decades, Mexico’s coastal ports primarily served as a destination for cruise ships. But in recent years, the country’s Pacific and Gulf Coast ports have become known more for their inflow of cargo than tourists. While U.S. West Coast ports continue to battle terminal, freeway, and rail congestion, Mexico’s ports have become increasingly attractive to […]

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Supply Chain Roundup: The Hottest Trends of 2006

MORE TO THE STORY: Still a Gap When it comes to the supply chain, 2006 was a year of mixed outcomes. The cost of fuel skyrocketed, causing considerable pain in the transport sectors and in industries heavily dependent on petroleum-based materials. Companies hedged their bets by embracing strategies such as shifting to alternate modes and […]

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Unwrapping Seasonality Challenges

All retailers and vendors want for Christmas is supply chain success. Using logistics technology, savvy shipping strategies, and better planning, many will get their wish.

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