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Coming (Back) to America

A decade ago, garment manufacturing in the United States was practically dead as apparel companies flocked to low-cost countries. But then came the economic downturn, and the realization that the time merchandise spends traveling in a container is time not spent on store shelves. Suddenly, America is the new global hot spot.

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Lock, Stock, and Barrel: How Secure is Your Cargo?

When it comes to protecting shipments from theft, businesses have an arsenal of tools at their disposal. From high-tech tracking and monitoring to basic intrusion prevention, these devices and technologies, combined with common-sense security practices, can help thwart cargo thieves.

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Why Comply?

Understanding the latest CBP programs and requirements involves homework and headaches. So…

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Rediscovering The Classics, Volume I: Prologue

Logistics fundamentals are oft cited but more often overlooked or misread. Mastering these basics builds a foundation for supply chain sophistication. So grab your slippers, pull up a chair, and stoke the fire—get comfortable. Join us as we retire to Inbound Logistics’ library of logistics best practices and dust off some classics.

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Rediscovering The Classics, Volume II: Committing to Core Carriers

Romancing lowboys and spread-axle hotshots might not sound appealing, but developing Unconditional relationships with core carriers REAPS long-term advantages. Core carrier programs capitalize on matching a ratio of trucking partners to shipment volumes, based on pre-determined service and pricing coefficients. When the trucking market is squeezed, businesses use these partnerships to find capacity; when demand […]

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Rediscovering The Classics, Volume IV: Inbound Routing Guides

All the supply chain’s a stage so why not command top billing? When businesses actively enforce inbound routing guides and dictate shipment instructions, efficiencies fall into place and economies run wild. Ensuring vendors comply with your transportation requirements is as simple as putting instructions in writing. That’s why a routing guide is an essential tool […]

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