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Freight Payment Services Boosting Invoice IQ

Freight payment/audit providers scrutinize shipper invoices using detailed reporting, sophisticated technology, and international capabilities. Here’s a close-up look at how they discover savings and efficiencies.

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Outpacing the Perils of Perishables

Haunted by the challenges of environmental unpredictability, safety scares, and regulatory red tape, food shippers rely on supply chain efficiency to keep their cool.

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Power Brokers

Across the country, public utilities are empowering local and state economic development while helping businesses amp up their site selection due diligence.

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Switched On: Bringing The 3pl Machine To Life

MORE TO THE STORY: WAREHOUSING AGED TO PERFECTION Like any well-oiled, multi-articulated machine, today’s supply chain comprises many inter-related parts that alone serve specific needs and together function as a finely calibrated mechanism for consuming raw materials and spitting out finished goods. Its complexity is borne by countless factors: demand and supply, product differentiation, business […]

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3PL Perspectives 2009

As demand wanes, opportunity grows. That’s an axiom seemingly foreign to any industry. In today’s environment, however, standard conventions are turned upside down. Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) have felt their share of the economic gravity tumbling many trades into reactionary huddles. But the 3PL is a unique construction. Adaptable by nature, there is a spring-like […]

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