Risks and Rewards: Risk Management Strategies

Lorcan Sheehan

Preparation: Your Best Asset in Managing Supply Chain Disruptions

Supply disruptions occur daily, caused by delayed deliveries; weather impacts on inbound supply; and prolonged standstills associated with natural disasters, port labor strikes, or critical supplier failures. Whatever the reason for the disruption, supply chain managers prove their value by delivering—no matter the circumstances. An active risk management process helps identify a range of possible […]

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Avoid Big Losses When Shipping Big Machinery

In their journey from manufacturer to customer, large pieces of sophisticated machinery often sustain costly damage due to lack of care and attention in packaging and handling. The losses, however, often go beyond the machinery’s value. Businesses can also suffer significant production shortfalls if their facilities grind to a halt as they wait for replacement […]

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C. Daniel Negron

New Year, New Insurance Review

The start of the new year is the time to make resolutions, and risk managers should resolve to review their operations to ensure that risk and insurance programs are in order. Your risk review should address several key questions: Are you planning to offer new services? If so, consider your insurance obligations before the transaction […]

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Facing the Challenges Ahead

During the past year, global events created new concerns for logistics operators. For some, finding insurance coverage has become increasingly difficult, as insurance companies need to balance the likelihood of a significant loss against the prospect of recovering their payout—a trying task in times of financial uncertainty. Purchasing insurance may well become costlier in the […]

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