Risks and Rewards: Risk Management Strategies

Peter Liston

5 Steps to Reduce Supply Chain Risks When Going Global

Natural disasters, huge economic swings, supply shortages, and security issues present considerable challenges to supply chains. One critical area that can bring a supply chain to a screeching halt is international trade compliance. Whether you’re starting out in the global market or already dealing with supply chain issues, these five tips will help you mitigate […]

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Melanie Nuce

Black Swan Events: Planning for Supply Chain Resiliency

Major supply chain disruptions, commonly referred to as "Black Swan" events, are high-impact, low-likelihood occurrences that are typically not on your everyday radar. But knowing exactly where your product is in the supply chain is never more important than during these instances. The effects of a hurricane, flood, fluctuating oil prices, political unrest, and port […]

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Ken Harris

Who Are You Doing Business With?

In our ever-connected and increasingly global economy, aggregated, real-time global trade data—such as denied party screening results—helps businesses ensure protection and compliance. Denied party screening is critical in shipping and international trade, and essential for minimizing business risk today. Country governments and international organizations maintain lists of people, organizations, and countries they are prohibited from […]

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Wes Baker

Warehouse Fires Can Cripple Your Business. Preventing Them Just Got Easier.

As warehouse heights have increased with the help of new materials handling technology, so have the risks. That’s why fire codes often require property owners to install dense arrangements of expensive sprinklers throughout the racks. Fortunately, alternative designs can make this “in-rack” sprinkler protection far less cumbersome and costly. The proper sprinklers can be essential […]

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Kirsten Wallerstedt

Europe Raises the Compliance Bar. Is Your Supply Chain Prepared?

Sweeping regulatory changes in the European Union (EU)are raising complex questions for businesses and introducing new tensions along the world’s supply chains. Manufacturers and importers will soon be tasked with reporting the origin of some metals and materials used in their products. They also will be responsible for disclosing aspects of their suppliers’ human rights […]

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Raymond G. Monteith

Is Your Business Prepared for the Worst?

Disasters and tragedy happen every day. From fires and theft to severe weather events, we experience disruptive incidents on a regular basis. So how prepared is your business to withstand a crisis? How well have you incorporated risk analysis and crisis preparation into your business operations? Effective risk assessment depends on using our imagination to […]

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Steve Wood

Serialization: It’s the Real Thing

To help combat counterfeiting, the premium beverage industry is taking advantage of serial numbers on product packages to uniquely identify products for increased connectivity throughout packaging operations and the supply chain. Premium beverages such as expensive wine, whiskey, and cognac have become an increasingly active market for counterfeiters in China, India, and Russia. It’s easy […]

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