Risks and Rewards: Risk Management Strategies

Plugging Cargo Liability Leaks

Q: I own a fleet of tank containers. A customer recently used one of my tanks for a shipment of concentrated juice. During transit, the tank developed a leak and a significant amount of concentrate was lost. The customer filed a claim against me, but my insurance company—which covers my cargo liability—says I may not […]

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Compliance the Top Concern of 2004

Q: Looking back at 2004, regulatory compliance issues posed a big concern for my business. Am I facing this challenge alone? What were the biggest issues logistics professionals faced this year, from a liability standpoint? A: Security issues dominated the news in the supply chain industry throughout 2004, as various government agencies took steps to […]

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Steering Clear of Roadside Risk

Q: I recently made arrangements with a trucker to transport a co-loaded trailer from the Midwest to the East Coast. The trailer jackknifed on the highway and overturned, causing an accident with another car. I’m worried because I received a letter holding me responsible for any injury and property claims that may result from this […]

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