Cisco Snags Top Supply Chain Spot

Cisco Systems earned the number-one spot in Gartner’s ranking of the 2021 top 25 supply chains. The technology company’s agility and strength in environmental, social, and governance initiatives helped prioritize critical infrastructure for hospitals and vaccine research, Gartner says. Four new companies on this year’s list include Dell Technologies, Pfizer, General Mills, and Bristol Myers Squibb.

Gartner determined this year’s companies based on three key qualities: purpose-driven operations focused on keeping society running during the pandemic and meaningful green initiatives; accelerated transformation; and achieving digital-first supply chains to enable a seamless customer experience.

1. Cisco Systems

2. Colgate-Palmolive

3. Johnson & Johnson

4. Schneider Electric

5. Nestlé

6. Intel

7. PepsiCo

8. Walmart

9. L’Oréal

10. Alibaba

11. AbbVie

12. Nike

13. Inditex

14. Dell Technologies

15. HP Inc.

16. Lenovo

17. Diageo

18. Coca-Cola Company

19. British American Tobacco

20. BMW

21. Pfizer

22. Starbucks

23. General Mills

24. Bristol Myers Squibb

25. 3M

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