Crafting a Notable Job Title

A job title is more than just the name of the job you do. It is a badge, a ranking, a symbol of your worth within the particular company you work for. As the growth of the supply chain and logistics sector increases year after year, so does the competition for a notable supply chain job title.

Job titles have the power to set a professional apart and gain respect from their peers. It is the first judgment you perceive of someone before even meeting them.

The growth of online presence and sharing your current position on LinkedIn inevitably makes a person want to have a job title that stands out. Who wouldn’t? A good first impression and sense of respect is something everyone strives to achieve. And normally those attributes come along with a striking job title.

As the demand for top supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing talent increases in the coming years, it will become more important for companies to focus on optimizing their career marketing efforts. Investing time in creating standout job titles that compel the right candidates to apply is a great place to start.

Here is why it is so important to craft notable supply chain job titles:

  • Create a job title that supply chain professionals actually want. Instead of using generic or vague job titles, use your creativity and try to make the job title stand out the best you can.
  • Nobody wants a super basic job title that hundreds of thousands of other professionals have in the world. It makes an employee feel less valued and easily replaceable if tons of others share their exact job title.

    Sometimes all you need to do is integrate functional or departmental context into the job title. Get a little creative.

    For example, if a large manufacturing facility needs a logistics analyst on the distribution engineering team, try using "logistics analyst—distribution engineering" instead of the vague "logistics analyst" as the title. It is more eye-catching and could result in more people willing to submit applications to apply for the job.

  • Allow for leadership opportunities. A common thing our logistics recruiters see is someone working at a distribution plant in a role where their job title is "internal logistics assistant." The word in this job title that stands out is "assistant."
  • A common reaction to the word "assistant" from the outside looking in is that this individual is not in a leadership position and directly works below the person they are the assistant to. This can easily turn away potential candidates who are seeking leadership opportunities within a company.

    With that in mind, what if we simply changed the last part of this job title from "assistant" to "coordinator"? Then the job title would be changed to "internal logistics coordinator."

    Same job, but sounds and looks a whole lot better, right?

  • Attract supply chain talent. Hopefully, after reading this far, you know that job titles have the incredible ability to attract top talent within the supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics sectors.
  • A company that is full of interesting-looking and creative manufacturing job titles will capture the eye of a job seeker who has just gotten tired of looking through their 20th job opening for a typical "warehouse manager."

    There are more supply chain jobs readily available in the economy than there are people to fill them. A great way to take the next step in attracting supply chain talent and filling an open position lies with crafting a notable supply chain job title.

    A job title is essentially a name tag; make it worth wearing.

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