Customized Solution Helps Retailer Find Savings and Visibility – Unyson

Customized Solution Helps Retailer Find Savings and Visibility – Unyson

A home goods retailer partnered with Unyson to increase efficiency and enhance visibility.

The Challenge

With international shipping locations, accelerated growth, and no substantial Transportation Management System, this large home goods retailer needed a third party that could manage all components of their supply chain. Moreover, this provider needed to find efficiencies for increased savings and provide a granular-level detail of visibility to their network.

The Solution

With the implementation of Unyson’s Oracle Transportation Manager, the dedicated team was able to customize a solution for the retailer’s unique allocation process. Unyson can now forecast retail dollar amounts to SKU level and project six months into the future. This enhancement helps department buyers stay ahead of changing trends.

Moreover, this level of visibility assists in inventory planning and DC throughput. Granular-level detail supports buyers in leveling out volumes of containers and retail dollars coming in on a weekly basis. Advanced Shipper Notifications (ASN) allow the allocation process to be more timely.

As an added component, Unyson started a dedicated fleet program with 10 stores that lead to an added benefit of $145K in savings and additional advertising for the customer.

Lastly, with the implementation of a dashboard and executive newsletter, the retailer now has the ability to view in-depth analytics almost instantaneously. This includes detailed trailer and piece count information that allows stores to plan for labor well into the future. Overall, this solution provided the retailer with savings, enhanced visibility and planning capabilities.

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